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UI Cut Off Mark For Mass Communication 2023

 The University of Ibadan (UI) stands tall as one of Nigeria’s esteemed academic institutions. Nestled in the heart of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, UI offers an array of courses to aspiring minds, including the captivating realm of mass communication. In this blog post, we will delve into what mass communication entails, the advantages of studying it at UI, the admission process, and the exciting career paths that await graduates.

Understanding Mass Communication:

Mass communication serves as the conduit through which information flows to a vast audience via various mass media channels like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the internet. Mass communication professionals harness a diverse skill set encompassing writing, editing, reporting, photography, and graphic design to craft content that informs, engages, and persuades.

Why Opt for Mass Communication at UI?

UI’s reputation for academic excellence is undeniable, making it a prime destination for aspiring mass communication professionals. The university offers an extensive range of mass communication courses designed to equip students with the tools they need to thrive in this field. Moreover, UI boasts a dedicated faculty composed of seasoned mass communication experts devoted to both teaching and research.

Application Process for Mass Communication at UI:

Embarking on a journey towards a mass communication degree at UI requires a strategic approach:

  1. Register for the JAMB examination.
  2. Achieve a minimum score of 210 in the JAMB examination.
  3. Obtain five O’Level credits, which must include English Language, Mathematics, and three other subjects.
  4. Excel in the UI Post-UTME examination.

Unveiling the Pathways for Mass Communication Graduates:

UI’s mass communication graduates hold the key to an array of promising career paths. These encompass:

  1. News Organizations: Reporting, journalism, and editorial roles await those who wish to bring stories to life.
  2. Public Relations Firms: Shape public perception, manage communication strategies, and foster positive relationships for brands and organizations.
  3. Advertising Agencies: Create compelling campaigns, devise marketing strategies, and engage audiences through innovative advertisements.
  4. Marketing Firms: Dive into the world of market research, consumer behavior analysis, and strategic branding.
  5. Government Agencies: Communicate policies, initiatives, and public information to the masses.
  6. Non-Profit Organizations: Advocate for causes, manage communication efforts, and raise awareness for important societal issues.
  7. Businesses: Drive internal and external communication, enhance brand identity, and ensure effective information dissemination.

FAQs about UI’s Mass Communication Program:

Addressing common queries regarding the program:

Q: What is the cutoff mark for mass communication at UI?

A: The cutoff mark is 210.

Q: What are the admission requirements for the mass communication program at UI?

A: Fulfill the following criteria:

  • Score a minimum of 210 in your JAMB examination.
  • Attain five O’Level credits, including English Language, Mathematics, and three other subjects.
  • Perform well in the UI Post-UTME examination.

Q: What career prospects are available for mass communication graduates from UI?

A: Graduates can explore diverse opportunities in news organizations, public relations, advertising, marketing, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

Q: What benefits come with studying mass communication at UI?

A: Enrolling in UI’s mass communication program offers:

  • A reputable academic environment.
  • A wide range of mass communication courses.
  • Access to a faculty of experienced mass communication professionals.
  • Abundant possibilities for various careers.


Embarking on a mass communication journey at the University of Ibadan opens doors to a world of captivating storytelling, impactful communication, and boundless career prospects. UI’s commitment to excellence and a well-rounded education equips graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the dynamic landscape of mass communication.


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