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Igbinedion University School Fees For 100 Level Students

 Igbinedion University, nestled in the heart of Okada, Edo State, Nigeria, offers a golden opportunity for aspiring students to embark on a journey of higher education. Established in 1999 by Gabriel Igbinedion, a prominent Nigerian entrepreneur and politician, the university provides a wide array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including the field of law. This article delves into the university’s offerings, including its programs, school fees, accommodation, meals, and other important aspects to consider.

Programs and Admission Requirements:

Igbinedion University boasts an impressive range of academic programs tailored to diverse interests. To join the ranks of 100 level students, aspiring candidates should hold a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. A minimum of five credits in subjects including English, mathematics, and a science subject is also required to qualify for admission.

School Fees and Expenses:

The cost of education at Igbinedion University is attractively reasonable. For 100 level students in 2023, the breakdown of fees is as follows:

  • Tuition: N610,000
  • Accommodation: N175,000
  • Meals: N110,000
  • Other expenses: N80,000 Total: N975,000

It’s important to note that students should budget for additional expenses like textbooks, laboratory fees, and medical insurance, which vary depending on the chosen program.

Accommodation and Meals:

Igbinedion University offers on-campus accommodation, ranging from single rooms to suites. The cost of accommodation is influenced by room type and level of study. Students can also enjoy on-campus dining options, with various dining halls available. Meal costs vary based on the type of meal and academic level.

Financial Aid and Application Process:

The university understands the financial aspect of education and extends various financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and loans. Applying to Igbinedion University involves submitting an application form, official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and taking the university’s entrance examination. Keep an eye on the December application deadline.

Job Prospects for Graduates:

Graduates of Igbinedion University are well-poised for a bright future. Nigeria’s rapidly growing economy presents abundant opportunities across different sectors. The university’s graduates are highly sought-after by employers, often stepping into successful careers.

Choosing the Right University:

When considering Igbinedion University, several factors come into play:

  • Reputation and Ranking: The university’s standing in academia and industry.
  • Location: The appeal of Okada’s locale and amenities.
  • Faculty: The expertise and dedication of the teaching staff.
  • Curriculum: The range and relevance of academic offerings.
  • Financial Aid: The available support to ease the financial burden.


Igbinedion University stands as a beacon of quality education and opportunity. With its diverse programs, affordable fees, and excellent job prospects, it beckons aspiring minds to join its educational journey. For those eager to explore the realms of knowledge in a nurturing environment, Igbinedion University is a remarkable choice.


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