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DELSU Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery 2023

 Delta State University (DELSU), located in the charming town of Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria, stands as a beacon of academic excellence and prestige. Among its array of offerings, the university boasts a highly-regarded medicine and surgery program, attracting aspiring doctors from across the country. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of what medicine and surgery entails, why DELSU is an excellent choice for your medical education, the application process, and the promising career prospects that await graduates.

Understanding Medicine and Surgery:

Medicine and surgery is a specialized course that trains individuals to become skilled doctors capable of diagnosing and treating various illnesses and injuries. These dedicated professionals play crucial roles in hospitals, clinics, and private practices, utilizing their expertise to restore and maintain health.

Why Choose DELSU for Medicine and Surgery?

There are compelling reasons why DELSU shines as an ideal destination for pursuing medicine and surgery:

  1. Academic Distinction: DELSU has built a strong reputation for its commitment to academic excellence, ensuring that students receive a top-notch medical education.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: DELSU offers a comprehensive range of medicine and surgery courses that equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their medical careers.
  3. Expert Faculty: The faculty at DELSU’s medicine and surgery program is composed of experienced professionals who are dedicated to both teaching and cutting-edge research, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education.

Application Process: To embark on your journey towards becoming a medical professional at DELSU, follow these steps:

  1. Register for JAMB: Start by registering for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination, which serves as a crucial step toward gaining admission.
  2. JAMB Results: Achieve a minimum score of 270 in your JAMB examination to meet the eligibility requirement for the medicine and surgery program.
  3. Online Application: Once you receive your JAMB results, proceed to apply for admission to DELSU’s medicine and surgery program through their online application portal.

Admission Requirements:

The admission requirements for the medicine and surgery program at DELSU include:

  • A minimum JAMB score of 270
  • Five credits in your O’Level examination, encompassing English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Strong performance in the DELSU Post-UTME examination

Promising Career Prospects:

Upon successful completion of the medicine and surgery program at DELSU, a plethora of exciting career avenues open up for graduates. These include opportunities to work in:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Private practices
  • Government agencies
  • Research institutions


Choosing to study medicine and surgery at DELSU offers a multitude of benefits, from the university’s esteemed academic reputation to its comprehensive curriculum and dedicated faculty. With its strong emphasis on producing skilled and compassionate medical professionals, DELSU paves the way for a rewarding and impactful career in the field of medicine. Embrace the opportunity to join DELSU’s esteemed medical community and embark on a journey that holds the promise of transforming lives and contributing to the betterment of society.


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