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Benson Idahosa University Hostel Fees

 Benson Idahosa University (BIU), located in the heart of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, is a distinguished private Christian institution founded in 1999. With a commitment to nurturing academic excellence and spiritual growth, BIU offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of hostel fees for students at Benson Idahosa University for the year 2023. Additionally, we’ll provide answers to some common questions regarding the university’s hostel accommodations.

Hostel Fees for 2023

For the academic year 2023, BIU’s hostel fees are as follows:

  • Single Room: N250,000 per year
  • Double Room: N150,000 per year
  • Quadruple Room: N100,000 per year

These fees are conveniently divided into two installments, with one due at the start of the academic year and the other in the middle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hostel Fees

Here, we address some frequently asked questions about Benson Idahosa University’s hostel fees:

1. Who is eligible for a hostel room?

To secure a hostel room, students must be enrolled full-time at Benson Idahosa University and possess a valid student ID card.

2. How can I apply for a hostel room?

Applying for a hostel room is straightforward. Students can complete an application form and submit it to the university’s housing office.

3. What amenities are covered by the hostel fees?

The hostel fees encompass room and board expenses, in addition to granting access to the university’s laundry facilities, recreational areas, and internet services.

4. What are the rules for living in the hostel?

Residents of the hostel are expected to adhere to the university’s code of conduct, which prohibits activities such as smoking, drinking, and hosting unauthorized guests.

5. Is there a waiting list for hostel rooms?

Yes, a waiting list for hostel rooms exists. Early applications increase the likelihood of securing a room for interested students.

6. What options are available for students unable to secure a hostel room?

Students who are unable to secure a hostel room have the option to reside off-campus in rented apartments or houses. The university maintains a list of approved off-campus housing options on its website.

In Conclusion

Benson Idahosa University provides diverse housing options to cater to its student population. For those wishing to experience on-campus living, hostel rooms are available for application. Students who may not secure a room on campus can explore the possibility of off-campus accommodations through the list of approved options provided by the university.


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