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Scheme of Work for JSS3 Social Studies - First Term

Scheme of Work for JSS3 Social Studies - First Term

Scheme of Work for JSS3 Social Studies - First Term

Here is the approved scheme of work for jss3 social study first term;

Week 1:

Topic: Introduction to Social Studies

Definition and scope of Social Studies
Importance and relevance of Social Studies
Social Studies as an interdisciplinary subject
Skills developed in Social Studies

Week 2:

Topic: Culture and Cultural Heritage

Definition and components of culture
Elements of culture (language, clothing, food, etc.)
Cultural diversity and cultural exchange
Importance of preserving cultural heritage

Week 3:

Topic: Nigerian Cultural Heritage

Nigerian cultural diversity and ethnic groups
Indigenous languages and dialects
Traditional Nigerian clothing
Nigerian arts and crafts

Week 4:

Topic: Citizenship and National Identity

Meaning and importance of citizenship
Rights and responsibilities of citizens
Nigerian national symbols (flag, coat of arms, etc.)
National consciousness and patriotism

Week 5:

Topic: Democracy and Good Governance

Meaning and principles of democracy
Importance of democracy in Nigeria
Branches of government in Nigeria
Roles of citizens in promoting good governance

Week 6:

Topic: Human Rights and Social Justice

Definition and significance of human rights
Types of human rights (civil, political, economic, etc.)
Human rights violations and their consequences
Advocacy for social justice and equality

Week 7:

Topic: Population and Overpopulation

Meaning and importance of population
Factors influencing population growth
Effects of overpopulation on society and the environment
Population control measures

Week 8:

Topic: Environmental Issues and Conservation

Importance of the environment
Environmental issues (deforestation, pollution, climate change, etc.)
Sustainable development and conservation practices
Role of individuals in protecting the environment

Week 9:

Topic: Economic Activities and Development

Types of economic activities (agriculture, industry, commerce, etc.)
Factors influencing economic development
Economic sectors in Nigeria
Strategies for promoting economic development

Week 10:

Topic: Globalization and International Relations

Meaning and impact of globalization
Interdependence among nations
International organizations (UN, AU, etc.)
Nigeria's role in international relations

Week 11:

Topic: Health and Disease Control

Importance of good health
Common diseases and their prevention
Personal hygiene and sanitation practices
Government efforts in promoting healthcare

Week 12:

Topic: Peace and Conflict Resolution

Importance of peace in society
Causes and effects of conflicts
Strategies for conflict resolution and peacebuilding
Role of individuals in promoting peace

Week 13



This scheme of work is just a guideline and can be adjusted according to the specific curriculum requirements and time available for each topic.


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