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Scheme of Work for JSS3 Business studies - First Term

Scheme of Work for JSS3 Business studies - First Term

Scheme of Work for JSS3 Business studies - First Term

Here's a scheme of work for JSS3 (Junior Secondary School, Grade 9) Business Studies for the first term.

This scheme of work covers various topics related to business studies and provides a general outline of what can be taught throughout the term.

Remember to adapt and adjust it based on your school's curriculum, resources, and the specific needs of your students.

Week 1:

Topic: Introduction to Business Studies

Definition and scope of business studies
Importance of business studies
Career opportunities in business studies

Week 2-3:

Topic: Business Environment

Meaning and components of the business environment
Internal and external factors affecting business
Types of business environment: economic, social, legal, and technological factors

Week 4:

Topic: Forms of Business Ownership

Sole proprietorship
Private and public limited liability companies
Cooperative societies

Week 5-6:

Topic: Business Operations

Production: factors of production, types of production, production processes
Marketing: definition, importance, marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion)
Finance: sources of finance, budgeting, financial records

Week 7-8:

Topic: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Definition of ethics in business
Importance of ethical behavior in business
Social responsibility of businesses
Ethical dilemmas in business

Week 9:

Topic: Business Documents and Communication

Types of business documents: invoices, receipts, memos, etc.
Importance of effective communication in business
Written and oral communication skills in business

Week 10:

Topic: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Definition and characteristics of an entrepreneur
Importance of entrepreneurship
Skills and qualities of successful entrepreneurs

Week 11:

Topic: Introduction to Business Planning

Meaning and importance of business planning
Components of a business plan
Steps in developing a business plan

Week 12:

Topic: Revision and Assessment

Week 13:



Please note that the duration for each topic may vary based on the specific needs and pace of your students. It's also important to include practical activities, case studies, and assessments throughout the term to enhance students' understanding and application of the concepts taught.


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