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Scheme of Work for JSS1 Basic Technology - First Term

Scheme of Work for JSS1 Basic Technology - First Term

Scheme of Work for JSS1 Basic Technology - First Term

Here is the approved scheme of work for JSS1 basic technology first term.

Week 1: Introduction to Basic Technology

Introduction to Basic Technology and its importance in everyday life
Overview of the Basic Technology curriculum
Discussion on safety measures in the workshop and classroom
Introduction to basic tools and their uses

Week 2: Materials and Their Properties

Introduction to different materials and their properties
Classification of materials (natural and synthetic)
Properties of materials such as strength, flexibility, conductivity, and durability
Conducting simple experiments to explore material properties

Week 3: Measurement and Units

Introduction to measurement and its importance in Basic Technology
Measurement of length, mass, and volume using appropriate tools
Introduction to SI units (meter, kilogram, liter) and their conversions
Practice exercises and real-life applications of measurements

Week 4: Introduction to Energy

Understanding the concept of energy and its forms (mechanical, electrical, thermal, etc.)
Discussion on renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
Exploring energy conversion and energy transfer
Case studies on the importance of energy conservation

Week 5: Introduction to Electronics

Basic understanding of electronics and its applications
Introduction to electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors
Explanation of circuit symbols and their meanings
Building simple circuits and conducting experiments

Week 6: Graphic Design and Communication

Introduction to graphic design and its applications in technology
Basic principles of graphic design, including color, balance, and typography
Exploring different software tools for graphic design
Creating simple graphic designs using digital tools

Week 7: Agriculture and Farming Technology

Introduction to agriculture and its importance
Understanding basic farming techniques (crop cultivation, animal husbandry)
Discussion on modern farming technologies and their impact
Field trip to a local farm or agricultural facility

Week 8: Transportation Technology

Introduction to transportation technology and its evolution
Discussion on different modes of transportation (land, water, air)
Exploration of transportation infrastructure and vehicles
Case studies on sustainable transportation solutions

Week 9: Home Economics and Food Technology

Introduction to home economics and its relevance
Understanding basic food preparation techniques and kitchen safety
Exploring nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet
Practical cooking session with simple recipes

Week 10: Revision and Assessment

Comprehensive revision of topics covered in the term
Practice exercises and activities to reinforce learning
Conducting formative assessments to assess students' understanding
Providing feedback and guidance for improvement

Week 11:



This scheme of work is a general outline and can be adapted or modified based on the specific curriculum requirements and school resources.


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