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Kwara State Civil Service Past Questions and Answers

Kwara State Civil Service Past Questions and Answers

Kwara State Civil Service Past Questions and Answers

Here are Kwara State Civil Service questions along with options and the correct answers:

What year was Kwara State created?
a) 1960
b) 1975
c) 1991
d) 2000
Answer: c) 1991

Who is the current Governor of Kwara State?
a) Bukola Saraki
b) AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq
c) Abdulfatah Ahmed
d) Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa
Answer: b) AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq

Which city is the capital of Kwara State?
a) Ilorin
b) Offa
c) Omu-Aran
d) Jebba
Answer: a) Ilorin

Which is the official language of Kwara State?
a) Yoruba
b) Hausa
c) Igbo
d) English
Answer: d) English

How many local government areas are in Kwara State?
a) 12
b) 16
c) 18
d) 20
Answer: c) 18

Kwara State is located in which geopolitical zone of Nigeria?
a) South-South
b) South-West
c) North-Central
d) North-West
Answer: c) North-Central

What is the slogan of Kwara State?
a) "The Gateway State"
b) "The Home of Harmony"
c) "The Centre of Excellence"
d) "The Land of Opportunities"
Answer: b) "The Home of Harmony"

Which major river runs through Kwara State?
a) River Niger
b) River Benue
c) River Kaduna
d) River Ogun
Answer: a) River Niger

The Kwara State Civil Service Commission is responsible for:
a) Law enforcement
b) Education
c) Public service appointments
d) Healthcare administration
Answer: c) Public service appointments

Which university is located in Kwara State?
a) University of Lagos
b) University of Ilorin
c) University of Abuja
d) University of Ibadan
Answer: b) University of Ilorin

Who is the traditional ruler of Ilorin?
a) Emir of Ilorin
b) Oba of Ilorin
c) Sultan of Ilorin
d) King of Ilorin
Answer: a) Emir of Ilorin

Kwara State shares a boundary with which country?
a) Niger
b) Chad
c) Benin
d) Cameroon
Answer: a) Niger

Which mineral resource is found in commercial quantities in Kwara State?
a) Crude oil
b) Gold
c) Coal
d) Tin
Answer: b) Gold

Which of the following is not a tourist attraction in Kwara State?
a) Owu Falls
b) Esie Museum
c) Sobi Hill
d) Zuma Rock
Answer: d) Zuma Rock

Kwara State is known for the production of which agricultural commodity?
a) Cocoa
b) Palm oil
c) Rubber
d) Groundnut
Answer: c) Rubber

The Kwara State House of Assembly has how many members?
a) 20
b) 24
c) 28
d) 32
Answer: b) 24

The slogan "State of Harmony" was adopted during the administration of:
a) Bukola Saraki
b) Abdulfatah Ahmed
c) Bukola Abubakar
d) AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq
Answer: a) Bukola Saraki

Which former Nigerian president is from Kwara State?
a) Olusegun Obasanjo
b) Goodluck Jonathan
c) Ibrahim Babangida
d) Abdulsalami Abubakar
Answer: c) Ibrahim Babangida

Kwara State is predominantly inhabited by which ethnic group?
a) Yoruba
b) Hausa
c) Igbo
d) Fulani
Answer: a) Yoruba

What is the Kwara State Civil Service motto?
a) "Service and Excellence"
b) "Integrity and Efficiency"
c) "Dedication and Progress"
d) "Discipline and Loyalty"
Answer: b) "Integrity and Efficiency"

I hope these questions help you prepare for your Kwara State Civil Service exam.


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