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Guarantee Trust Bank GTB Job Test Past Questions/Answers

Guarantee Trust Bank GTB Job Test Past Questions/Answers

Guarantee Trust Bank GTB Job Test Past Questions/Answers

Here are questions about Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) along with four options for each question.

I have also provided the correct answers for your convenience.

Which year was Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank) established?

a) 1990
b) 2000
c) 1988
d) 1995
Answer: c) 1988

GTBank is headquartered in which country?

a) Nigeria
b) Ghana
c) South Africa
d) Kenya
Answer: a) Nigeria

What is the abbreviation for Guarantee Trust Bank?

a) GTB
b) GTV
Answer: a) GTB

Which of the following services does GTBank NOT provide?

a) Retail Banking
b) Corporate Banking
c) Insurance Services
d) Investment Banking
Answer: c) Insurance Services

GTBank is listed on which stock exchange?

a) New York Stock Exchange
b) London Stock Exchange
c) Tokyo Stock Exchange
d) Nigerian Stock Exchange
Answer: d) Nigerian Stock Exchange

GTBank is known for its innovative use of technology in banking. Which digital banking platform is offered by GTBank?

a) GT Mobile App
b) GT Crypto Wallet
c) GT PayLater
d) GT Virtual Assistant
Answer: a) GT Mobile App

What is the currency of Nigeria?

a) Naira
b) Rupee
c) Euro
d) Dollar
Answer: a) Naira

Which of the following countries does GTBank operate in?

a) Nigeria
b) Ghana
c) Liberia
d) All of the above
Answer: d) All of the above

GTBank is known for its distinctive orange color. What does the orange color symbolize for the bank?

a) Innovation
b) Stability
c) Trust
d) Growth
Answer: a) Innovation

Which of the following awards has GTBank NOT received?

a) Best Bank in Africa
b) Best Customer Service
c) Most Profitable Bank
d) Best Sports Sponsorship
Answer: c) Most Profitable Bank

What is the maximum number of digits in a GTBank account number?

a) 10
b) 12
c) 14
d) 16
Answer: d) 16

GTBank offers a unique savings product called "GTCrea8 e-Savers." What is the target market for this product?

a) Students
b) Retirees
c) Business Owners
d) Expatriates
Answer: a) Students

Which of the following is NOT a type of account offered by GTBank?

a) Current Account
b) Savings Account
c) Fixed Deposit Account
d) Crypto Savings Account
Answer: d) Crypto Savings Account

GTBank's logo features which animal?

a) Lion
b) Elephant
c) Cheetah
d) Giraffe
Answer: c) Cheetah

What is the name of GTBank's loyalty rewards program?

a) GTBank Rewards
b) GTBank Platinum Club
c) GTBank Loyalty Points
d) GTBank Advantage
Answer: b) GTBank Platinum Club

GTBank is known for its corporate social responsibility initiatives. Which of the following areas does GTBank NOT focus on?

a) Education
b) Health
c) Environment
d) Sports
Answer: c) Environment

Which of the following is NOT a channel for accessing GTBank's customer service?

a) Phone Call
b) Email
c) Social Media
d) Carrier pigeon
Answer: d) Carrier pigeon

GTBank offers a specialized banking service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) called:

a) GTExpress
b) GTBusiness
c) GTPro
d) GTEnterprise
Answer: b) GTBusiness

What is the maximum withdrawal limit per day for GTBank customers using an ATM?

a) ₦10,000
b) ₦20,000
c) ₦50,000
d) ₦100,000
Answer: c) ₦50,000

GTBank is committed to promoting financial literacy. Which of the following initiatives is NOT part of GTBank's financial education programs?

a) GTBank Money Skills
b) GTBank Campus Ambassadors
c) GTBank Food Bank
d) GTBank SME Academy
Answer: c) GTBank Food Bank

I hope you find these questions helpful.


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