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FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

FCMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

Here are 20 Nigeria FCMB Aptitude Test questions with answer options:

What is the full form of FCMB?

a) First City Monument Bank
b) Financial Credit Management Bureau
c) Federal Cooperative Mortgage Bank
d) First Central Money Bank
Answer: a) First City Monument Bank

Who is the current CEO of FCMB?

a) Ladi Balogun
b) Adam Nuru
c) Hamda Ambah
d) Olusegun Odubogun
Answer: b) Adam Nuru

Which year was FCMB established?

a) 1982
b) 1990
c) 1978
d) 1999
Answer: a) 1982

FCMB is regulated by which regulatory body?

a) Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
b) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
c) Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)
d) Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)
Answer: a) Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

What is the minimum age requirement to open an FCMB bank account?

a) 16 years
b) 18 years
c) 21 years
d) 25 years
Answer: b) 18 years

Which of the following is NOT a type of account offered by FCMB?

a) Savings Account
b) Current Account
c) Fixed Deposit Account
d) Equity Account
Answer: d) Equity Account

FCMB is headquartered in which city?

a) Lagos
b) Abuja
c) Port Harcourt
d) Kano
Answer: a) Lagos

What is the maximum tenure for an FCMB fixed deposit account?

a) 3 months
b) 6 months
c) 12 months
d) 24 months
Answer: d) 24 months

FCMB is listed on which stock exchange?

a) Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)
b) London Stock Exchange (LSE)
c) New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
d) Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
Answer: a) Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)

Which of the following services is NOT offered by FCMB?

a) Mortgage Loans
b) Personal Loans
c) Investment Banking
d) Mobile Network Services
Answer: d) Mobile Network Services

What is the current base interest rate for FCMB savings accounts?

a) 1.5% per annum
b) 2.0% per annum
c) 3.5% per annum
d) 5.0% per annum
Answer: c) 3.5% per annum

Which of the following is a digital banking platform provided by FCMB?

a) QuickCredit
b) BizConnect
c) EasyLoan
d) PayMaster
Answer: b) BizConnect

FCMB offers a service that allows customers to send money to other banks instantly. What is it called?

a) FCMB Pay
b) FCMB Mobile
c) FCMB Xpress Cash
d) FCMB FlexxTransfer
Answer: d) FCMB FlexxTransfer

How many digits are there in an FCMB account number?

a) 8
b) 10
c) 12
d) 16
Answer: c) 12

Which of the following is NOT a channel through which FCMB customers can access their accounts?

a) Internet Banking
b) Mobile App
c) Branches
d) Postal Service
Answer: d) Postal Service

FCMB operates in how many African countries outside Nigeria?

a) 2
b) 5
c) 8
d) 10
Answer: c) 8

Which of the following is NOT a subsidiary of FCMB Group Plc?

a) FCMB Microfinance Bank
b) CSL Stockbrokers Limited
c) FCMB Capital Markets Limited
d) FCMB Trustees Limited
Answer: a) FCMB Microfinance Bank

What is the maximum daily transfer limit for FCMB mobile banking?

a) ₦100,000
b) ₦500,000
c) ₦1,000,000
d) ₦5,000,000
Answer: c) ₦1,000,000

FCMB is a member of which banking group?

a) Ecobank Group
b) Zenith Bank Group
c) Access Bank Group
d) FCMB Group
Answer: d) FCMB Group

FCMB won the Best SME Bank in Africa award in which year?

a) 2018
b) 2019
c) 2020
d) 2021
Answer: c) 2020


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