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JAMB 2021 The Life Changer 30 Leaked Questions And answers From The Chapter One

The Life changer is JAMB's recommended storybook for the 2020/2021 examination as part of the requirements to gain admission into any tertiary institution.

To ensure the full participation of readers, some questions will not be answered but will be later provided in the comment section. Readers are advised to try it before the answers will be subsequently supplied.

1. Who is the author of the book, The Life changer? Ans: Khadija Abubakar Jalli (Ensure you pick the right spellings and arrangements)

2. The book was dedicated to who? Ans; The writer's children, Zahra, Najwa, Basma, Sadiq, and Farha( Take notes of their position).

3. What did Bint and her classmates found strange about their social studies teacher? Ans: His claim about knowing all subjects including French.

4. How old was Bint? Bint was five years old.

5. Why was Bint coaxed to learn French? It was because learning French at tender age comes with minimal effort.

6. "C'est tres bien means what in French (try answering this in the comment section )

7. When did Bint's teacher return to the class? It was after the break.

8. The first reason why Bint's mother goes into their room unannounced is to ensure personal hygiene and the second reason is to? (try answering this in the comment section )

9. Who said " what you teach a child is like writing on a tock and when dried, it would be difficult to erase? Ans; Bint's Great grandmother or Uhmi's grandmother.

10. Among the siblings who were the closest? (try answering this in the comment section )

11. What cemented mutual trust between the Children and their mother? Ans; Their mother is usually not didactic when it comes to correcting them.

12. What does "Au revoir" means to some inexperienced teachers according to Bint's mother? Welcome.

13. In the Lafayette community, how do kids call their parents? (try answering this in the comment section )

14. What is Bint's mother doing for a living? She is a teacher.

15. How was Omar dressed that morning? He wore blue jeans and a white shirt.

16. What news came as a pleasant surprise to the kids? (try answering this in the comment section )

17. Omar's father wanted to study ___ and later studies_____? Law& Accounting.

18. Who was exempted from calling Omar, a learned brother? (try answering this in the comment section )

19. Just call yourself Omar Esquire is a statement by? Teemah.

20. What campus is Omar going to study medicine on? (try answering this in the comment section )

21. Who was referred to as blabbermouth? Teemah, the second child.

22. What did Omar request from his siblings? He requested that no one should tell their father that he has gotten admission.

23. They sat on what type of chair? A white plastic chair.

24. They sat under what type of tree? (try answering this in the comment section )

25. Is Lafayette a city, town, or village? A village or community.

26. What does a silver lining in the cloud mean? (try answering this in the comment section )

27. Omar had how many credits in his O'level result? He had 7 credits.

28. Was Omar hurt when Teemah referred his remarks as immodest? Yes he was.

29. Why does Omar thinks he needed an android phone? (try answering this in the comment section )

30. What does Life changer means to Teemah? It means it changes your life.

Questions and answers here are from the Chapter one of The Life changer, follow me as I will deal with other chapters in my next articles.

Please share this to many JAMB candidates you know.


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