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4 Major Things Young Graduates Will Miss If NYSC Finally Gets Scrapped

As the Nigeria's Federal House of Representatives deliberate on the bill which intends to stop the age-long National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I believe it is a good time to reflect on what the upcoming graduates will be unlucky not to enjoy if the bill is eventually passed into Law. Just to take you down memory lane, this very important programme was created on 22nd May, 1973 as an avenue for the reconciliation, reconstruction and rebuilding of the nation after the bloody 30-month civil war in Nigeria between 6th July 1967 through 15th January 1970. The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme in my opinion largely achieved its purpose by strengthening the bonds among Nigerian citizens who travel through the length and breadth of the nation to obey the clarion call. Some people ended up getting married where they served, some got jobs and others setup businesses and settled in their new location. Now here are four important things those who will not be privileged to participate in the programme will miss.

(1) New connection

Many graduates who go for NYSC have the great opportunity to connect with new people right from the orientation camp. Some met people who helped them reach a greater height in their career, I remember back then during my NYSC orientation camp, a guy who exhibited absolute brilliance during the inter-platoon football competition got an outstanding recommendation which took him beyond the shores of this country to play football. Oh! Imagine what the upcoming ones will miss. (2) Multi-lingual Privilege

Life sometimes become more interesting when you are proficient in speaking another language other than your own local language. People have tapped into that opportunity to associate themselves with great people of integrity who offered them one portfolio or the other simply because they can communicate efficiently in the native language of the people they served. (3) Job Opportunities

In the wave of growing unemployment rate in the country, many graduates have taken advantage of their NYSC year to learn a skill, or even start a business in their new location. There are some areas you will serve and realize that what used to be a common business back in your state of origin is scarce where you are serving. Most graduates utilize such opportunities and continue their lives from there. Let us also not forget that some corps members get automatic employment as a reward for their outstanding service.

(4) Life Partner Love they say, is blind. Imagine a young man who has hated the people of a certain tribe all his life only to eventually be posted to serve there, he discovers that all negative things he heard about them were fallacy. He falls in love and guess what! He marries from that tribe. This is no cock-and-bull story, you will agree with me that it happens. In conclusion, even though the house Reps member sponsoring the bill gave cogent reasons to scrap NYSC, I still suggest the people should be allowed to weigh the pros and cons before any final decision will be taken.


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