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JAMB 2021: 10 Questions Every Candidate Should Know About The Novel Before Examination

JAMB 2021: 10 Questions Every Candidate Should Know About The Novel Before Examination

The novel titled as 'The Life Changer', is a story base on campus life. The way students relate with each other, and other cordial relationship among them.

It was written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. There are some set of questions that will help a candidate to have a high score in use of English language.

The questions are;
1. Why was the novel titled as The Life Changer ?

Answer: because Omar gained admission, that's where the life changer begin.

2. Who was telling the other two girls what happened in her school ?
Answer: it was bint (5 years old girl and the last born).

3. While they were still gisting, Omar came in to break what news ?

Answer: He has been given admission to study law at the Kongo campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

4. What does Teemah sells ?

Answer: She sells Zobo.

5. How do you say Good morning in French ?

Answer: Bonjour.

6. Why did the students surround Bint and started clapping for her and singing going around her ?

Answer: because she asked a question the teacher could not answer.

7. Who was the first child and only male ?

Answer: Omar.

8. Who was Bint's teacher ?

Answer: Mallam salihu.
9. Who said plain jealousy and envy are stopping Teemah from growing tall ?

Answer: Omar.

10. What is the meaning of meddlesome as meant in the novel ?

Answer: obstructive, active to know everything.

All of these are key questions candidates should know before the exam.

Thanks for reading, please share this questions and answers with other candidates.


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