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7 Types Of Candidates Who May Not Gain Admission Into The University In 2020/2021


In this article is compiled list of 7 set of humans who may likely not gain admission into the university this year

1: Those with high Jamb rating/score 

Many people who score high in Jamb have the notion that their admission is sure. However, this isn't the case. You may want to score very high and nonetheless fail to benefit admission.

No depend how high your Jamb score may additionally be, there are numerous other people who got higher scores. Also, your Jamb score won't even be excessive sufficient for your choice of school. E.G 260 Jamb rating is not enough for Medicine (Unless your rating extremely high in Post utme).

In 2017 admission, many people who scored very high in Jamb did not gain admission due to the fact they achieved poorly in Post Utme. Irrespectively of your Jamb score, you still need to work hard to be able to meet other Jamb and school requirements.

2. Those Who Think Their Jamb Score Is Low:

So many humans who scored underneath 2 hundred in Jamb, jamb will not provide them admission. You can honestly benefit admission with a Jamb rating above 150. The best aspect you need is the “a way to factor”.

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With low Jamb 2020/2021 score, you may clearly alternate your institution and course of desire to less aggressive ones.

3. Those With Low Jamb Score:

Jamb 2020 Score of 100 might not be sufficient to steady admission into any pinnacle University or Polytechnic in Nigeria. Anyways, that’s not the stop of life. You may want to quickly give IJMB Program a try. Another software that guarantees your admission without delay into 200 level is the Jupeb program. It is high priced however really worth it.

4. Those Who Think They Know It All:

These Type of University aspirants never take commands. They assume that they know it all. No Matter how you paint it, statistics is power. Be equipped to study and get all important updates as regards admission 2020.

5. Those Who Listen To Everything:

These set of aspirants do not have a phrase of their own. All they say is, “I heard that…. “. They do not hassle to listen and research what works on giving them admission is concerned. Always attempt to get first-hand information about Jamb so you may be at the proper position. Information is Power!

6. Those Who Believe That Connection Settles Everything:
Admission in Nigeria is all about connection. This is the language of many admission seekers. They agree that with connection, they may be excellent to go.

You can benefit admission with the aid of connection, but connection fails most time. It has failed thousands of people. But with a little greater effort and the University admission will fall on you.

7. The Desperate Admission Seekers:

These persons are so determined to gain admission with their low Jamb score that they fall into the hands of scammers and net fraudsters. Fraudsters aren't that will help you but to take advantage of you.

Be careful whenever a person tells you to send cash to him online for admission purposes.nevertheless don't forget what took place to folks who did fake Jamb registration? Many individuals did fake Jamb registering in 2020. Be warned dear!

Gaining admission into your desired institution and organization is easy. All you need to do is comply with the proper instructions and do the needful.


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