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Woodwork waec past questions and answers

Woodwork waec past questions and answers

What is the primary purpose of a coping saw in woodworking?
a) Sanding
b) Cutting curves
c) Joining boards
d) Measuring

Which type of wood is known for its resistance to decay and insect damage?
a) Pine
b) Cedar
c) Maple
d) Mahogany

What is the function of a dovetail joint in woodworking?
a) Providing a smooth finish
b) Creating a strong, interlocking connection
c) Adding decorative elements
d) Improving wood stability

What tool is commonly used to create mortise and tenon joints?
a) Chisel
b) Mallet
c) Coping saw
d) Wood rasp

When would you typically use wood glue in a project?
a) Staining
b) Joining pieces permanently
c) Creating dowel joints
d) Applying a finish

What is the purpose of a wood router in woodworking?
a) Smoothing surfaces
b) Creating decorative edges
c) Measuring angles
d) Cutting straight lines

Which type of wood finish provides a natural, matte appearance?
a) Varnish
b) Shellac
c) Wax
d) Polyurethane

What is the primary use of a spokeshave in woodworking?
a) Shaping concave curves
b) Cutting straight lines
c) Sanding surfaces
d) Joining boards

Which woodwork joint involves connecting two pieces at a right angle using screws or nails?
a) Dovetail joint
b) Miter joint
c) Butt joint
d) Lap joint

What is the purpose of a coping foot on a jigsaw?
a) Cutting curves
b) Creating dovetail joints
c) Smoothing surfaces
d) Joining boards

Which woodwork tool is used for marking and measuring precise angles?
a) Square
b) Compass
c) Protractor
d) Bevel gauge

What does the term "wood grain" refer to in woodworking?
a) Wood color
b) Wood texture
c) Wood density
d) Wood moisture content

What is the primary function of a wood chisel?
a) Cutting curves
b) Removing material
c) Measuring angles
d) Applying finish

Which type of saw is ideal for making long, straight cuts in plywood?
a) Coping saw
b) Crosscut saw
c) Table saw
d) Backsaw

In woodworking, what does the term "kerf" refer to?
a) Wood glue
b) Width of a saw cut
c) Sandpaper grit
d) Wood stain

Which woodwork joint is commonly used for joining the ends of two pieces at a right angle?
a) Butt joint
b) Lap joint
c) Miter joint
d) Mortise and tenon joint

What is the purpose of wood screws in woodworking?
a) Joining pieces temporarily
b) Adding decorative elements
c) Creating dovetail joints
d) Joining pieces permanently

Which type of wood is prized for its tight grain and natural resistance to moisture?
a) Oak
b) Pine
c) Teak
d) Redwood

What tool is commonly used for smoothing and shaping curved surfaces in woodworking?
a) Spokeshave
b) Wood rasp
c) Mallet
d) Coping saw

What safety gear is essential when using power tools in woodworking?
a) Safety glasses and ear protection
b) Gloves and a hat
c) Apron and sandals
d) Scarf and long sleeves


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