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SS3 second Term music Past Questions and Answers

SS3 second Term music Past Questions and Answers

Which artist released the album "Back to Black" in 2006, featuring hits like "Rehab" and "Back to Black"?

a) Amy Winehouse
b) Adele
c) Lana Del Rey
d) Florence + The Machine
Answer: a) Amy Winehouse
Who is known for the song "Billie Jean" and its iconic moonwalk dance move?

a) Michael Jackson
b) Prince
c) Lionel Richie
d) Stevie Wonder
Answer: a) Michael Jackson
What is the real name of rapper Jay-Z?

a) Shawn Carter
b) Dwayne Carter
c) Kanye West
d) Sean Combs
Answer: a) Shawn Carter
Which rock band is famous for the concept album "The Wall"?

a) Pink Floyd
b) The Who
c) Led Zeppelin
d) The Rolling Stones
Answer: a) Pink Floyd
Who sang the theme song for the James Bond film "Goldfinger"?

a) Shirley Bassey
b) Nancy Sinatra
c) Tina Turner
d) Gladys Knight
Answer: a) Shirley Bassey
In what year did Nirvana release their groundbreaking album "Nevermind"?

a) 1991
b) 1989
c) 1994
d) 1997
Answer: a) 1991
Which country music legend is known as "The Man in Black"?

a) Johnny Cash
b) Willie Nelson
c) Merle Haggard
d) George Jones
Answer: a) Johnny Cash
What is the title of Taylor Swift's debut album released in 2006?

a) Fearless
b) Speak Now
c) Taylor Swift
d) Red
Answer: c) Taylor Swift
Who is often referred to as the "King of Rock and Roll"?

a) Elvis Presley
b) Chuck Berry
c) Little Richard
d) Buddy Holly
Answer: a) Elvis Presley
Which Beatles song features the sitar and reflects an Indian influence?

a) Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
b) A Hard Day's Night
c) Help!
d) Can't Buy Me Love
Answer: a) Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Who was the lead singer of the band Queen after Freddie Mercury?

a) Adam Lambert
b) Paul Rodgers
c) George Michael
d) Robbie Williams
Answer: b) Paul Rodgers
Which pop sensation released the album "1989" in 2014?

a) Taylor Swift
b) Katy Perry
c) Ariana Grande
d) Rihanna
Answer: a) Taylor Swift
What is the title of Kendrick Lamar's critically acclaimed album released in 2015?

a) good kid, m.A.A.d city
b) To Pimp a Butterfly
c) DAMN.
d) Section.80
Answer: b) To Pimp a Butterfly
Who is known for the song "Sweet Child o' Mine" as the lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses?

a) Slash
b) Angus Young
c) Jimmy Page
d) Eddie Van Halen
Answer: a) Slash
Which female artist collaborated with Jay-Z on the song "Crazy in Love"?

a) Beyoncé
b) Rihanna
c) Alicia Keys
d) Nicki Minaj
Answer: a) Beyoncé
In what year did the legendary musician David Bowie pass away?

a) 2016
b) 2014
c) 2018
d) 2020
Answer: a) 2016
What is the title of Ed Sheeran's debut studio album released in 2011?

a) x
b) ÷
c) +
d) No.6 Collaborations Project
Answer: c) +
Which rapper is known for the albums "The Blueprint" and "Reasonable Doubt"?

a) Nas
b) Jay-Z
c) Biggie Smalls
d) Tupac Shakur
Answer: b) Jay-Z
Who sang the theme song for the James Bond film "Live and Let Die"?

a) Paul McCartney & Wings
b) Elton John
c) Queen
d) Duran Duran
Answer: a) Paul McCartney & Wings
Which electronic music duo released the album "Random Access Memories" in 2013?

a) Daft Punk
b) The Chemical Brothers
c) Justice
d) Disclosure
Answer: a) Daft Punk


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