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SS2 second Term visual arts past questions and answers

SS2 second Term visual arts past questions and answers

SS2 visual arts questions with options and answers:

Question: Who is a key figure in the Pop Art movement, known for his paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup?

A) Roy Lichtenstein
B) Andy Warhol
C) Claes Oldenburg
D) Robert Rauschenberg
Answer: B) Andy Warhol
Question: What art movement emerged in the 1960s, emphasizing geometric shapes and clean lines?

A) Minimalism
B) Abstract Expressionism
C) Cubism
D) Surrealism
Answer: A) Minimalism
Question: Who is known for his large-scale, environmental artworks, such as "The Gates" in Central Park?

A) Christo
B) Richard Serra
C) Anish Kapoor
D) Jeff Koons
Answer: A) Christo
Question: What is the term for a printmaking technique involving incising a design into a hard surface?

A) Lithography
B) Woodcut
C) Etching
D) Serigraphy
Answer: C) Etching
Question: Which art movement rejected traditional perspective, often depicting multiple viewpoints simultaneously?

A) Futurism
B) Cubism
C) Constructivism
D) Suprematism
Answer: B) Cubism
Question: Who is known for her politically charged and feminist artwork, including "The Dinner Party"?

A) Yoko Ono
B) Marina Abramović
C) Judy Chicago
D) Cindy Sherman
Answer: C) Judy Chicago
Question: Which ancient civilization is renowned for its intricate pottery, often decorated with black-figure or red-figure techniques?

A) Greek
B) Egyptian
C) Roman
D) Mesopotamian
Answer: A) Greek
Question: What artistic technique involves creating a design by sticking various materials onto a surface?

A) Collage
B) Assemblage
C) Mosaic
D) Montage
Answer: A) Collage
Question: Who is a prominent figure in street art, known for his politically charged murals and stenciled works?

A) Banksy
B) Shepard Fairey
C) Jean-Michel Basquiat
D) Keith Haring
Answer: A) Banksy
Question: What is the term for a style of art that emerged in the 1960s, emphasizing simple shapes and bold colors?

A) Op Art
B) Kinetic Art
C) Color Field Painting
D) Hard-edge Painting
Answer: D) Hard-edge Painting
Question: Who is known for his sculptures made from found objects, such as "Bicycle Wheel" and "Fountain"?

A) Marcel Duchamp
B) Man Ray
C) Jean Arp
D) Kurt Schwitters
Answer: A) Marcel Duchamp
Question: What is the term for a type of printmaking where an image is transferred onto a surface using ink and pressure?

A) Linocut
B) Drypoint
C) Serigraphy
D) Lithography
Answer: D) Lithography
Question: Who is known for his "Blue Period" and "Rose Period" paintings, featuring melancholic and sentimental themes?

A) Pablo Picasso
B) Henri Matisse
C) Edgar Degas
D) Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Answer: A) Pablo Picasso
Question: Which art movement emerged in the 1950s, featuring artists who were part of the New York School and used unconventional materials?

A) Abstract Expressionism
B) Color Field Painting
C) Minimalism
D) Pop Art
Answer: A) Abstract Expressionism
Question: What is the term for a sculpture that projects from a background, but its overall depth is shallow?

A) Round sculpture
B) High relief
C) Bas-relief
D) Kinetic sculpture
Answer: C) Bas-relief
Question: Who is known for his use of readymades, ordinary objects presented as works of art, such as "Fountain"?

A) Andy Warhol
B) Marcel Duchamp
C) Salvador Dalí
D) Claes Oldenburg
Answer: B) Marcel Duchamp
Question: Which art movement focused on creating art that engages with the viewer's perception and optical illusions?

A) Op Art
B) Kinetic Art
C) Surrealism
D) Abstract Expressionism
Answer: A) Op Art
Question: What is the term for a painting technique that involves applying water-based pigments onto a wet plaster surface?

A) Fresco
B) Encaustic
C) Tempera
D) Gouache
Answer: A) Fresco
Question: Who is known for his depictions of everyday American life, such as "Nighthawks"?

A) Edward Hopper
B) Grant Wood
C) Andrew Wyeth
D) Norman Rockwell
Answer: A) Edward Hopper
Question: What is the term for a technique in which artists use small, distinct dots of color to create an image?

A) Pointillism
B) Tenebrism
C) Sfumato
D) Grisaille
Answer: A) Pointillism


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