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SS1 third Term History past questions and answers

SS1 third Term History past questions and answers

Question: What was the primary cause of the 1830 and 1848 revolutions in Europe?

a) Religious conflicts
b) Economic inequality
c) Monarchial succession disputes
d) Nationalist aspirations

Answer: b) Economic inequality

Question: The construction of the Great Wall of China was primarily intended to defend against invasions by which nomadic group?

a) Huns
b) Mongols
c) Visigoths
d) Vandals

Answer: b) Mongols

Question: The Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci is known for painting which iconic work of art?

a) Starry Night
b) The Last Supper
c) The Persistence of Memory
d) The Birth of Venus

Answer: b) The Last Supper

Question: The Scramble for Africa, occurring in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was driven by European powers seeking control over which continent?

a) Asia
b) Africa
c) North America
d) South America

Answer: b) Africa

Question: The Suez Crisis of 1956 involved military intervention by which three nations?

a) United States, Soviet Union, and France
b) United Kingdom, United States, and Egypt
c) France, Israel, and Egypt
d) United Kingdom, France, and Israel

Answer: d) United Kingdom, France, and Israel

Question: The Treaty of Trianon, signed in 1920, led to the redrawing of borders and significant territorial changes in which country?

a) Germany
b) Austria
c) Hungary
d) Italy

Answer: c) Hungary

Question: The 1968 Prague Spring was a period of political liberalization in which Eastern European country?

a) Poland
b) East Germany
c) Czechoslovakia
d) Hungary

Answer: c) Czechoslovakia

Question: The 1916 Easter Rising was a pivotal event in the struggle for Irish independence from which colonial power?

a) France
b) United Kingdom
c) Spain
d) Germany

Answer: b) United Kingdom

Question: The term "Iron Curtain" was popularized by which British Prime Minister during the Cold War?

a) Winston Churchill
b) Margaret Thatcher
c) Harold Wilson
d) Clement Attlee

Answer: a) Winston Churchill

Question: The Cultural Revolution in China, initiated by Mao Zedong in 1966, aimed to purge the country of perceived bourgeois and capitalist influences. What were the primary means used during this revolution?

a) Economic reforms
b) Military coups
c) Mass rallies and purges
d) Educational reforms

Answer: c) Mass rallies and purges

Question: The Balfour Declaration of 1917 expressed support for the establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people" in which region?

a) Palestine
b) India
c) South Africa
d) Australia

Answer: a) Palestine

Question: The Boston Tea Party, a key event leading to the American Revolution, took place in response to which British policy?

a) Stamp Act
b) Townshend Acts
c) Intolerable Acts
d) Tea Act

Answer: d) Tea Act

Question: The concept of "glasnost" and "perestroika" was introduced by which Soviet leader in the 1980s?

a) Leon Trotsky
b) Vladimir Lenin
c) Joseph Stalin
d) Mikhail Gorbachev

Answer: d) Mikhail Gorbachev

Question: The concept of the "White Man's Burden" was used to justify colonialism and imperialism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Which major power propagated this idea?

a) Germany
b) France
c) United Kingdom
d) United States

Answer: d) United States

Question: The Truman Doctrine, announced in 1947, was a U.S. policy aimed at containing the spread of which political ideology?

a) Communism
b) Fascism
c) Socialism
d) Capitalism

Answer: a) Communism

Question: The Battle of Stalingrad, fought during World War II, is considered one of the turning points in the conflict. It took place between the Soviet Union and which other major power?

a) Germany
b) Italy
c) Japan
d) United States

Answer: a) Germany

Question: The "May Fourth Movement" in China, starting in 1919, was a protest against the terms of which international agreement?

a) Treaty of Versailles
b) Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
c) Treaty of Tordesillas
d) Treaty of Ghent

Answer: a) Treaty of Versailles

Question: The Anschluss, occurring in 1938, involved the annexation of which country by Nazi Germany?

a) Czechoslovakia
b) Poland
c) Austria
d) Hungary

Answer: c) Austria

Question: The Marshall Plan, initiated in 1948, was designed to provide economic aid to help rebuild the economies of which region after World War II?

a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) South America

Answer: c) Europe

Question: The Battle of Lepanto in 1571 was a significant naval engagement involving the Holy League and which other major power?

a) Ottoman Empire
b) Spanish Empire
c) French Kingdom
d) English Navy

Answer: a) Ottoman Empire


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