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Office practice WAEC past questions and answers

Office practice WAEC past questions and answers

Email Etiquette:

Option A: Respond to all emails immediately.
Option B: Reply to emails within 24-48 hours.
Option C: Ignore emails from colleagues.
Answer: B

Meeting Preparation:

Option A: Arrive late and catch up during the meeting.
Option B: Come prepared with relevant information.
Option C: Skip meetings to focus on individual tasks.
Answer: B

Professional Phone Calls:

Option A: Use speakerphone in a shared workspace.
Option B: Speak clearly and professionally.
Option C: Respond to calls with casual language.
Answer: B

Time Management:

Option A: Procrastinate and work under pressure.
Option B: Prioritize tasks and manage time efficiently.
Option C: Delegate all tasks to colleagues.
Answer: B


Option A: Hoard information to gain a competitive edge.
Option B: Share relevant information with team members.
Option C: Avoid working in teams altogether.
Answer: B

Dress Code:

Option A: Wear casual attire every day.
Option B: Dress professionally according to the company policy.
Option C: Don't pay attention to personal appearance.
Answer: B

Conflict Resolution:

Option A: Avoid confronting conflicts and hope they resolve on their own.
Option B: Address conflicts directly and find solutions.
Option C: Escalate every minor issue to management.
Answer: B

Data Security:

Option A: Share sensitive information freely.
Option B: Use secure channels for confidential data.
Option C: Save passwords on easily accessible documents.
Answer: B

Task Delegation:

Option A: Delegate tasks without clear instructions.
Option B: Clearly communicate expectations when delegating tasks.
Option C: Handle all tasks independently.
Answer: B


Option A: Avoid giving feedback to colleagues.
Option B: Provide constructive feedback when necessary.
Option C: Only give positive feedback to avoid conflict.
Answer: B

Workspace Organization:
Option A: Keep a cluttered and disorganized workspace.
Option B: Maintain a neat and organized workspace.
Option C: Ignore the workspace altogether.
Answer: B

Respecting Breaks:
Option A: Skip breaks to complete more work.
Option B: Take regular breaks to recharge.
Option C: Extend breaks without considering work commitments.
Answer: B

Project Documentation:
Option A: Skip documenting project details.
Option B: Maintain thorough documentation for projects.
Option C: Document only the final results.
Answer: B

Professional Networking:
Option A: Avoid networking events and interactions.
Option B: Actively participate in professional networking.
Option C: Network only within your immediate team.
Answer: B

Option A: Resist change and stick to familiar routines.
Option B: Embrace change and adapt to new circumstances.
Option C: Complain about changes without providing solutions.
Answer: B

Option A: Share confidential information with trusted colleagues.
Option B: Strictly adhere to confidentiality agreements.
Option C: Ignore confidentiality concerns.
Answer: B

Option A: Juggle multiple tasks without prioritizing.
Option B: Prioritize tasks and multitask effectively.
Option C: Focus solely on one task at a time.
Answer: B

Professional Development:
Option A: Avoid learning new skills and stay within your comfort zone.
Option B: Continuously seek opportunities for professional development.
Option C: Rely solely on employer-provided training.
Answer: B

Tech Savvy:
Option A: Ignore new technologies and tools.
Option B: Stay updated on relevant technologies for your role.
Option C: Depend entirely on IT support for tech issues.
Answer: B

Social Media Use:
Option A: Share work-related information freely on personal social media.
Option B: Separate professional and personal social media presence.
Option C: Avoid using social media altogether.
Answer: B


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