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Office practice Jamb past questions and answers

Office practice Jamb past questions and answers

Expense Reporting:
Option A: Submit incomplete and unclear expense reports.
Option B: Ensure accurate and detailed expense reports with proper documentation.
Option C: Avoid submitting expense reports altogether.
Answer: B

Project Kickoff Meetings:
Option A: Skip project kickoff meetings and start working immediately.
Option B: Conduct thorough project kickoff meetings to align team members and set expectations.
Option C: Hold kickoff meetings only for large-scale projects.
Answer: B

Vacation Planning:
Option A: Take unplanned vacations without notifying colleagues.
Option B: Communicate vacation plans well in advance and delegate tasks accordingly.
Option C: Avoid taking vacations to focus on work.
Answer: B

Task Follow-Up:
Option A: Assume tasks will be completed without follow-up.
Option B: Regularly follow up on task progress and provide necessary support.
Option C: Delegate follow-up responsibilities to team leads.
Answer: B

Performance Metrics:
Option A: Ignore performance metrics and focus solely on completing tasks.
Option B: Regularly assess and improve performance based on established metrics.
Option C: Rely on subjective assessments without quantitative metrics.
Answer: B

Team Celebrations:
Option A: Downplay team achievements without celebrations.
Option B: Celebrate team successes to boost morale and motivation.
Option C: Limit celebrations to major milestones only.
Answer: B

Subcontractor Management:
Option A: Engage subcontractors without thorough vetting.
Option B: Establish clear expectations and communication channels with subcontractors.
Option C: Avoid subcontractors to keep control in-house.
Answer: B

Compliance Training:
Option A: Disregard compliance training as unnecessary.
Option B: Regularly participate in and complete required compliance training.
Option C: Delegate compliance training to the HR department.
Answer: B

Networking Events Attendance:
Option A: Skip networking events to focus solely on daily tasks.
Option B: Attend relevant networking events to expand professional connections.
Option C: Rely on online networking platforms, avoiding in-person events.
Answer: B

Conflict of Schedule:
Option A: Overcommit and frequently miss deadlines.
Option B: Prioritize and manage schedules effectively to meet commitments.
Option C: Delegate schedule management to an assistant.
Answer: B

Software Updates:
Option A: Ignore software updates to avoid disruptions.
Option B: Regularly update software to benefit from security and feature improvements.
Option C: Rely on IT to handle all software updates.
Answer: B

Health and Safety Protocols:
Option A: Disregard health and safety protocols in the workplace.
Option B: Adhere to and promote health and safety guidelines for a secure work environment.
Option C: Delegate responsibility for health and safety to designated personnel.
Answer: B

Inventory Management:
Option A: Neglect regular inventory checks and updates.
Option B: Implement systematic inventory management to avoid shortages and surpluses.
Option C: Delegate inventory management to a specific team without oversight.
Answer: B

Ergonomics in the Workplace:
Option A: Ignore ergonomic considerations in office setups.
Option B: Ensure workspaces are ergonomically designed for employee well-being.
Option C: Delegate ergonomic concerns to individual employees.
Answer: B

Project Post-Mortems:
Option A: Skip post-mortems and move on to the next project immediately.
Option B: Conduct thorough project post-mortems to analyze successes and areas for improvement.
Option C: Hold post-mortems only for projects with major issues.
Answer: B

Company Culture Promotion:
Option A: Disregard company culture initiatives as irrelevant.
Option B: Actively participate in and promote activities that foster a positive company culture.
Option C: Delegate company culture initiatives solely to the HR department.
Answer: B

Professional Associations Membership:
Option A: Disregard joining professional associations.
Option B: Join relevant professional associations to stay connected with industry trends.
Option C: Assume work experience is sufficient without professional association memberships.
Answer: B

Leadership Development:
Option A: Avoid leadership development programs.
Option B: Actively engage in leadership development opportunities to enhance leadership skills.
Option C: Delegate leadership development to higher management.
Answer: B

Employee Onboarding:
Option A: Skip comprehensive onboarding processes for new hires.
Option B: Implement thorough onboarding to help new employees integrate smoothly.
Option C: Delegate onboarding responsibilities solely to HR.
Answer: B

Personal Development Plans:
Option A: Disregard personal development plans.
Option B: Regularly update and follow personal development plans to achieve career goals.
Option C: Rely on job responsibilities for personal development.
Answer: B


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