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Jss3 second Term visual arts past questions and answers

Jss3 second Term visual arts past questions and answers

Here they are;

Question: Who is known for his iconic painting "The Persistence of Memory," featuring melting clocks?

A) Salvador Dalí
B) Pablo Picasso
C) René Magritte
D) Frida Kahlo
Answer: A) Salvador Dalí
Question: What art movement, characterized by distorted and exaggerated depictions, is associated with the works of Edvard Munch?

A) Cubism
B) Surrealism
C) Fauvism
D) Expressionism
Answer: D) Expressionism
Question: Which artist is known for his series of paintings depicting ballerinas, such as "The Dance Class"?

A) Edgar Degas
B) Pierre-Auguste Renoir
C) Henri Matisse
D) Paul Cézanne
Answer: A) Edgar Degas
Question: In printmaking, what is the term for an image created by carving away material from a block?

A) Etching
B) Linocut
C) Woodcut
D) Aquatint
Answer: C) Woodcut
Question: Which artistic movement emphasized simple geometric shapes, primary colors, and a focus on abstraction?

A) Abstract Expressionism
B) Cubism
C) De Stijl
D) Pop Art
Answer: C) De Stijl
Question: Who painted "The Birth of Venus," depicting the goddess Venus standing in a seashell?

A) Sandro Botticelli
B) Raphael
C) Titian
D) Leonardo da Vinci
Answer: A) Sandro Botticelli
Question: What is the term for a sculpture in which the figures project slightly from the background?

A) Bas-relief
B) High relief
C) Sunken relief
D) Free-standing
Answer: A) Bas-relief
Question: Who is known for his use of drip painting techniques in abstract expressionist artworks, such as "No. 5, 1948"?

A) Jackson Pollock
B) Mark Rothko
C) Willem de Kooning
D) Franz Kline
Answer: A) Jackson Pollock
Question: In traditional Chinese painting, what is the term for the technique of using ink to create shades of gray?

A) Sumi-e
B) Gouache
C) Tempera
D) Fresco
Answer: A) Sumi-e
Question: Who is known for his sculptural works featuring elongated forms and exaggerated figures, such as "Bird in Space"?

A) Henry Moore
B) Constantin Brâncuși
C) Alberto Giacometti
D) Jean Arp
Answer: B) Constantin Brâncuși
Question: What type of art involves creating three-dimensional forms by manipulating and combining materials?

A) Sculpture
B) Painting
C) Drawing
D) Printmaking
Answer: A) Sculpture
Question: Who is associated with the term "readymades," where ordinary objects are designated as art, as seen in "Fountain"?

A) Marcel Duchamp
B) Kazimir Malevich
C) Yves Klein
D) Man Ray
Answer: A) Marcel Duchamp
Question: What Renaissance artist is known for his detailed anatomical drawings, including "Vitruvian Man"?

A) Raphael
B) Leonardo da Vinci
C) Michelangelo
D) Donatello
Answer: B) Leonardo da Vinci
Question: Which movement, emphasizing spontaneous, automatic drawings, is associated with artists like André Masson and Joan Miró?

A) Dadaism
B) Surrealism
C) Abstract Expressionism
D) Cubism
Answer: B) Surrealism
Question: What is the term for the technique of painting on wet plaster, often used in mural creation?

A) Fresco
B) Tempera
C) Encaustic
D) Glazing
Answer: A) Fresco
Question: Who is known for his use of geometric shapes and bold colors in artworks like "Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow"?

A) Piet Mondrian
B) Wassily Kandinsky
C) Kazimir Malevich
D) Theo van Doesburg
Answer: A) Piet Mondrian
Question: In ancient Egyptian art, what does the hieroglyphic symbol of a falcon represent?

A) Ra, the sun god
B) Osiris, the god of the afterlife
C) Anubis, the god of mummification
D) Thoth, the god of wisdom
Answer: A) Ra, the sun god
Question: Who is known for his large, colorful, and immersive installations, such as "The Weather Project" in the Tate Modern?

A) Yayoi Kusama
B) Olafur Eliasson
C) Christo and Jeanne-Claude
D) Banksy
Answer: B) Olafur Eliasson
Question: What is the technique of using small pieces of glass or other materials to create a mosaic design?

A) Collage
B) Intarsia
C) Tessellation
D) Mosaic
Answer: D) Mosaic
Question: Who is known for his "Blue Period" and "Rose Period" artworks, including "The Old Guitarist" and "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"?

A) Pablo Picasso
B) Georges Braque
C) Juan Gris
D) Fernand Léger
Answer: A) Pablo Picasso


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