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Jss3 first term social studies past questions and answers

Jss3 first term social studies past questions and answers

JSS3 Social Studies along with their options and answers:

What is the capital of Nigeria?
A) Lagos
B) Abuja
C) Kano
D) Port Harcourt
Answer: B) Abuja

Which of the following is a natural resource?
A) Television
B) Gold
C) Computer
D) Car
Answer: B) Gold

Who is the current President of Nigeria as of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022?
A) Goodluck Jonathan
B) Muhammadu Buhari
C) Olusegun Obasanjo
D) Ibrahim Babangida
Answer: B) Muhammadu Buhari

Which of the following is not a fundamental human right?
A) Right to life
B) Right to education
C) Right to own property
D) Right to free Wi-Fi
Answer: D) Right to free Wi-Fi

What does the term "democracy" mean?
A) Rule by the military
B) Rule by a single leader
C) Rule by the people
D) Rule by the rich
Answer: C) Rule by the people

Which continent is known as the "Dark Continent"?
A) Asia
B) Europe
C) Africa
D) South America
Answer: C) Africa

What is the currency of the United States?
A) Peso
B) Euro
C) Dollar
D) Yen
Answer: C) Dollar

Which planet is often referred to as the "Red Planet"?
A) Venus
B) Earth
C) Mars
D) Jupiter
Answer: C) Mars

Who is regarded as the father of modern physics and formulated the theory of relativity?
A) Isaac Newton
B) Albert Einstein
C) Galileo Galilei
D) Stephen Hawking
Answer: B) Albert Einstein

What is the largest ocean in the world?
A) Atlantic Ocean
B) Indian Ocean
C) Pacific Ocean
D) Arctic Ocean
Answer: C) Pacific Ocean

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but it includes some sample questions for your reference.

Add 10

Certainly, here are 10 more multiple-choice questions for JSS3 Social Studies along with their options and answers:

What is the official language of Nigeria?
A) Yoruba
B) Igbo
C) Hausa
D) English
Answer: D) English

Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?
A) Coal
B) Solar
C) Natural Gas
D) Nuclear
Answer: B) Solar

Which African country is known as the "Rainbow Nation" due to its diverse population?
A) Nigeria
B) Egypt
C) South Africa
D) Kenya
Answer: C) South Africa

Who is known for his role in the fight against apartheid in South Africa and became the country's first black president?
A) Nelson Mandela
B) Martin Luther King Jr.
C) Mahatma Gandhi
D) Malcolm X
Answer: A) Nelson Mandela

What is the system of government in which a king or queen holds all the power and authority?
A) Democracy
B) Autocracy
C) Republic
D) Oligarchy
Answer: B) Autocracy

Which international organization is responsible for promoting peace and cooperation among nations?
A) United Nations
B) European Union
C) African Union
Answer: A) United Nations

What is the study of the Earth's physical features, climate, and resources called?
A) Sociology
B) Geography
C) History
D) Anthropology
Answer: B) Geography

Who wrote the book "The Wealth of Nations" and is considered the father of modern economics?
A) John Locke
B) Karl Marx
C) Adam Smith
D) Thomas Malthus
Answer: C) Adam Smith

Which of the following is a non-renewable energy source?
A) Wind
B) Coal
C) Hydropower
D) Biomass
Answer: B) Coal

What is the term for the process of water vapor turning into liquid water in the atmosphere?
A) Evaporation
B) Condensation
C) Precipitation
D) Transpiration
Answer: B) Condensation


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