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Jss3 first term creative arts Past Questions and Answers

Jss3 first term creative arts Past Questions and Answers

Here are 20 JSS3 Creative Arts questions with options and answers:

What is the primary color wheel combination for creating secondary colors?
A) Red, Yellow, Blue
B) Red, Green, Blue
C) Red, Orange, Purple
D) Yellow, Green, Blue
Answer: A) Red, Yellow, Blue

Who is the famous Italian artist known for painting the Mona Lisa?
A) Vincent van Gogh
B) Pablo Picasso
C) Leonardo da Vinci
D) Michelangelo
Answer: C) Leonardo da Vinci

Which artistic technique involves cutting and pasting various materials to create a collage?
A) Sculpture
B) Pottery
C) Printmaking
D) Collage
Answer: D) Collage

Which of the following is a traditional African musical instrument?
A) Violin
B) Xylophone
C) Flute
D) Trumpet
Answer: B) Xylophone

Who is the author of the famous play "Romeo and Juliet"?
A) William Wordsworth
B) Charles Dickens
C) William Shakespeare
D) Jane Austen
Answer: C) William Shakespeare

What is the main color associated with Impressionist painting?
A) Red
B) Green
C) Blue
D) Light
Answer: D) Light

Which art movement is known for its use of geometric shapes and primary colors?
A) Baroque
B) Cubism
C) Realism
D) Romanticism
Answer: B) Cubism

In photography, what does the acronym "ISO" stand for?
A) International Shutter Operation
B) Image Stabilization Option
C) International Standards Organization
D) Image Sensitivity Optimization
Answer: C) International Standards Organization

What type of art is created by carving designs into wood or other materials?
A) Calligraphy
B) Engraving
C) Pottery
D) Origami
Answer: B) Engraving

Who painted the famous artwork "Starry Night"?
A) Vincent van Gogh
B) Salvador Dali
C) Pablo Picasso
D) Claude Monet
Answer: A) Vincent van Gogh

Which artistic movement aimed to depict everyday life and society in a realistic manner?
A) Surrealism
B) Abstract Expressionism
C) Pop Art
D) Realism
Answer: D) Realism

What is the primary material used in traditional African beadwork?
A) Glass beads
B) Metal wires
C) Clay
D) Wood
Answer: A) Glass beads

Who is the famous American artist known for his iconic "Campbell's Soup Cans" artwork?
A) Jackson Pollock
B) Roy Lichtenstein
C) Andy Warhol
D) Georgia O'Keeffe
Answer: C) Andy Warhol

What is the term for a dramatic play in which the main character meets a tragic end?
A) Comedy
B) Tragedy
C) Satire
D) Farce
Answer: B) Tragedy

Which art form involves creating three-dimensional figures by modeling clay or other materials?
A) Painting
B) Sculpture
C) Pottery
D) Collage
Answer: B) Sculpture

Who is the famous Mexican artist known for her self-portraits and surrealist paintings?
A) Frida Kahlo
B) Georgia O'Keeffe
C) Mary Cassatt
D) Joan Miró
Answer: A) Frida Kahlo

Which ancient civilization is famous for its hieroglyphics, which often featured in their art and architecture?
A) Greek
B) Roman
C) Egyptian
D) Chinese
Answer: C) Egyptian

What is the term for a poem that tells a story through verse and often has a rhyming scheme?
A) Sonnet
B) Limerick
C) Epic
D) Haiku
Answer: C) Epic

Which type of dance involves rapid footwork, intricate hand gestures, and storytelling through movement?
A) Ballet
B) Hip-hop
C) Jazz
D) Kathak
Answer: D) Kathak

Who is the famous author of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "The Importance of Being Earnest"?
A) Charles Dickens
B) Jane Austen
C) Oscar Wilde
D) Mark Twain
Answer: C) Oscar Wilde


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