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Jss2 third Term basic Technology past questions and answers

Jss2 third Term basic Technology past questions and answers

Here they are;

What does RAM stand for in the context of computer memory?
a) Random Access Memory (Answer)
b) Read-Only Memory
c) Redundant Array of Memory
d) Remote Access Module

Which part of a computer is responsible for executing arithmetic and logical operations?
a) Hard Drive
b) Central Processing Unit (CPU) (Answer)
c) Graphics Card
d) Keyboard

Which of the following is not a common operating system?
a) Windows
b) MacOS
c) Linux (Answer)
d) Microsoft Office

What is the purpose of an optical mouse's red light?
a) It illuminates the screen.
b) It detects movement (Answer)
c) It displays images.
d) It prints documents.

Which type of software is designed for creating and editing documents and spreadsheets?
a) Antivirus software
b) Office productivity software (Answer)
c) Video editing software
d) Web browser

What does USB stand for in the context of computer connections?
a) Universal Serial Bus (Answer)
b) User System Backup
c) Unified Software Block
d) Ultra Speedy Board

In web addresses, what does "www" typically represent?
a) World Weather Website
b) World Wide Web (Answer)
c) World Wrestling Wars
d) World Watermelon Week

Which programming language is known for its use in data analysis and scientific computing?
a) JavaScript
b) Python (Answer)
c) PHP
d) Ruby

What is the primary function of a graphics card in a computer?
a) Playing music
b) Displaying images and videos (Answer)
c) Storing data
d) Sending emails

What is the purpose of an IP address in computer networking?
a) To make phone calls
b) To identify and locate devices on a network (Answer)
c) To print documents
d) To create 3D models

What is the term for a computer network that covers a limited geographic area, like a school or office?
a) WAN (Wide Area Network)
b) LAN (Local Area Network) (Answer)
c) PAN (Personal Area Network)
d) MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

Which of the following is not a type of computer mouse?
a) Optical mouse
b) Wireless mouse
c) Laser mouse
d) Musical mouse (Answer)

What does "CPU Clock Speed" refer to?
a) The number of cores in a CPU
b) The measure of how fast a CPU can execute instructions (Answer)
c) The amount of RAM in a computer
d) The size of a computer's hard drive

What is the term for a computer program designed to cause harm to a computer system?
a) Software
b) Virus (Answer)
c) Hardware
d) Operating System

Which key is commonly used to enter commands or confirm actions in many computer applications?
a) Spacebar
b) Enter key (Answer)
c) Tab key
d) Shift key

What is the function of a computer's power supply unit (PSU)?
a) To browse the internet
b) To provide electrical power to the computer's components (Answer)
c) To run software applications
d) To display images

Which of the following is a common input device for smartphones and tablets?
a) Mouse
b) Stylus (Answer)
c) Keyboard
d) Scanner

What is the primary function of an antivirus software?
a) Playing games
b) Protecting the computer from viruses and malware (Answer)
c) Editing photos
d) Sending emails

What does the abbreviation "URL" stand for in the context of web addresses?
a) Universal Reference Link
b) Uniform Resource Locator (Answer)
c) User Resource Locator
d) United Router Link

What does the term "Wi-Fi" stand for in the context of wireless networking?
a) Wireless Fiber Optic
b) Wireless Fidelity (Answer)
c) Wired File Transfer
d) Wireless File Access


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