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Jss1 second term fine arts past questions and answers

Jss1 second term fine arts past questions and answers

Here are 20 JSS1 Fine Arts questions with options and answers:

Question: What is the primary color wheel made up of?
A) Red, Blue, Green
B) Red, Yellow, Blue
C) Orange, Purple, Green
D) Pink, Brown, Gray
Answer: B) Red, Yellow, Blue

Question: Which art technique involves scratching the surface of a drawing to create texture?
A) Cross-hatching
B) Stippling
C) Sgraffito
D) Pointillism
Answer: C) Sgraffito

Question: Who painted the Mona Lisa?
A) Vincent van Gogh
B) Pablo Picasso
C) Leonardo da Vinci
D) Michelangelo
Answer: C) Leonardo da Vinci

Question: What is the art of cutting and pasting paper to create images and designs called?
A) Collage
B) Sculpture
C) Fresco
D) Pottery
Answer: A) Collage

Question: Which of the following is a sculpture technique involving the removal of material from a solid block?
A) Casting
B) Carving
C) Modeling
D) Welding
Answer: B) Carving

Question: What is the term for a work of art that depicts a person or group of people?
A) Still Life
B) Landscape
C) Portrait
D) Abstract
Answer: C) Portrait

Question: Who is famous for his paintings of water lilies?
A) Salvador Dali
B) Claude Monet
C) Jackson Pollock
D) Georgia O'Keeffe
Answer: B) Claude Monet

Question: What is the art of arranging and balancing elements within a work of art called?
A) Composition
B) Abstraction
C) Surrealism
D) Impressionism
Answer: A) Composition

Question: What type of art uses a single color and its shades and tints to create a monochromatic image?
A) Cubism
B) Realism
C) Impressionism
D) Monochromatism
Answer: D) Monochromatism

Question: Which famous artist is known for his works like "Starry Night" and "The Sunflowers"?
A) Henri Matisse
B) Salvador Dali
C) Vincent van Gogh
D) Frida Kahlo
Answer: C) Vincent van Gogh

Question: What is a printmaking technique where an image is incised into a surface, and then ink is applied to create a print?
A) Lithography
B) Etching
C) Woodcut
D) Serigraphy
Answer: B) Etching

Question: Who is known for his pop art works, including the famous painting of a Campbell's Soup can?
A) Andy Warhol
B) Jackson Pollock
C) Pablo Picasso
D) Georges Seurat
Answer: A) Andy Warhol

Question: What is the process of applying layers of translucent paint to create depth and luminosity in a painting?
A) Pointillism
B) Glazing
C) Sgraffito
D) Frottage
Answer: B) Glazing

Question: What art movement is characterized by distorted and exaggerated depictions of the human figure?
A) Cubism
B) Abstract Expressionism
C) Surrealism
D) Fauvism
Answer: A) Cubism

Question: Who is known for his famous sculpture "The Thinker"?
A) Michelangelo
B) Auguste Rodin
C) Leonardo da Vinci
D) Donatello
Answer: B) Auguste Rodin

Question: What art style uses simple, bold colors and shapes to convey the essence of a subject?
A) Realism
B) Abstract
C) Impressionism
D) Surrealism
Answer: B) Abstract

Question: Which famous female artist is known for her self-portraits and symbolism in her paintings?
A) Georgia O'Keeffe
B) Frida Kahlo
C) Mary Cassatt
D) Louise Bourgeois
Answer: B) Frida Kahlo

Question: Who is known for his "drip paintings" created by splattering paint onto canvas?
A) Roy Lichtenstein
B) Piet Mondrian
C) Jackson Pollock
D) Willem de Kooning
Answer: C) Jackson Pollock

Question: Which type of art involves the use of natural materials like leaves, twigs, and stones to create temporary works?
A) Graffiti
B) Land Art
C) Kinetic Art
D) Minimalism
Answer: B) Land Art

Question: What is the art of making three-dimensional objects from clay, often fired in a kiln?
A) Sculpture
B) Collage
C) Fresco
D) Encaustic
Answer: A) Sculpture.


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