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Jss1 second term creative arts Past Questions and Answers

Jss1 second term creative arts Past Questions and Answers

Here are 20 creative arts questions for JSS1 (Junior Secondary School 1) along with options and answers:

What is the primary color in the subtractive color model?
A) Red
B) Green
C) Blue
D) Yellow
Answer: D) Yellow

Who is considered the father of modern art?
A) Vincent van Gogh
B) Pablo Picasso
C) Leonardo da Vinci
D) Michelangelo
Answer: B) Pablo Picasso

Which art technique involves scratching the surface of a painting to reveal underlying layers?
A) Pointillism
B) Sgraffito
C) Impasto
D) Frottage
Answer: B) Sgraffito

What is a sculpture that is fully three-dimensional and meant to be viewed from all sides called?
A) Relief sculpture
B) Bas-relief
C) Sculptural relief
D) Freestanding sculpture
Answer: D) Freestanding sculpture

Which artist is famous for creating "Starry Night" and "The Starry Night Over the Rhône"?
A) Claude Monet
B) Salvador Dali
C) Vincent van Gogh
D) Jackson Pollock
Answer: C) Vincent van Gogh

Which musical instrument is known for its long, coiled tube and is often associated with jazz music?
A) Violin
B) Saxophone
C) Trumpet
D) Flute
Answer: B) Saxophone

Who wrote the play "Romeo and Juliet"?
A) William Shakespeare
B) George Orwell
C) Charles Dickens
D) Jane Austen
Answer: A) William Shakespeare

What art form involves arranging cut or torn pieces of paper to create an image or design?
A) Collage
B) Sculpture
C) Calligraphy
D) Fresco
Answer: A) Collage

Which famous painting depicts a woman with an enigmatic smile and is known for its use of sfumato?
A) The Persistence of Memory
B) Guernica
C) The Birth of Venus
D) Mona Lisa
Answer: D) Mona Lisa

What is the term for a repeating pattern or design that covers a surface with no gaps or overlaps?
A) Tessellation
B) Mosaic
C) Fresco
D) Stippling
Answer: A) Tessellation

Which type of dance is characterized by rapid, energetic movements and is often performed in groups?
A) Ballet
B) Tap dance
C) Hip-hop
D) Waltz
Answer: C) Hip-hop

What is the main material used in traditional African sculpture?
A) Wood
B) Marble
C) Bronze
D) Glass
Answer: A) Wood

Who is the famous Italian painter known for his works such as "The Last Supper" and "Mona Lisa"?
A) Vincent van Gogh
B) Pablo Picasso
C) Leonardo da Vinci
D) Michelangelo
Answer: C) Leonardo da Vinci

Which type of painting technique uses dots or small marks to create images and textures?
A) Impasto
B) Pointillism
C) Frottage
D) Sgraffito
Answer: B) Pointillism

Who is known as the father of Cubism, famous for works like "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"?
A) Salvador Dali
B) Pablo Picasso
C) Claude Monet
D) Jackson Pollock
Answer: B) Pablo Picasso

What is the art of arranging sounds in a meaningful and expressive manner called?
A) Sculpture
B) Dance
C) Music
D) Calligraphy
Answer: C) Music

Which art form uses a pen or brush to create decorative, ornamental lettering?
A) Collage
B) Sculpture
C) Calligraphy
D) Fresco
Answer: C) Calligraphy

Who is the author of the famous novel "To Kill a Mockingbird"?
A) Jane Austen
B) Charles Dickens
C) George Orwell
D) Harper Lee
Answer: D) Harper Lee

In which type of theater does the audience sit on all sides of the stage, surrounding the performance area?
A) Proscenium theater
B) Arena theater
C) Amphitheater
D) Black box theater
Answer: B) Arena theater

Which musical genre is characterized by its origins in the African American community and features call-and-response singing?
A) Jazz
B) Rock
C) Country
D) Gospel
Answer: D) Gospel


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