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Jss1 first term creative arts Past Questions and Answers

Jss1 first term creative arts Past Questions and Answers

here are 20 more creative arts questions with options and answers:

Which artist is famous for his "Starry Night" painting?
A) Pablo Picasso
B) Vincent van Gogh
C) Salvador Dali
D) Rembrandt
Answer: B) Vincent van Gogh

What is the term for the technique of cutting images or shapes from various materials and gluing them onto a surface to create artwork?
A) Collage
B) Sculpture
C) Pottery
D) Impasto
Answer: A) Collage

Who is known for creating the "Campbell's Soup Cans" series of artworks?
A) Andy Warhol
B) Georgia O'Keeffe
C) Jackson Pollock
D) Frida Kahlo
Answer: A) Andy Warhol

In music, what is the term for a sequence of musical notes played one after the other?
A) Chord
B) Harmony
C) Melody
D) Rhythm
Answer: C) Melody

What type of performing arts involves a combination of singing, dancing, and acting, often in a theatrical production?
A) Ballet
B) Opera
C) Drama
D) Musical
Answer: D) Musical

Who is known for creating the famous sculpture "The Thinker"?
A) Auguste Rodin
B) Michelangelo
C) Pablo Picasso
D) Henri Matisse
Answer: A) Auguste Rodin

In literature, what term is used for a long, fictional story with characters, plot, and setting?
A) Essay
B) Poem
C) Short story
D) Novel
Answer: D) Novel

Which art form primarily uses light and color to create visual displays and installations?
A) Photography
B) Light art
C) Abstract art
D) Mosaic
Answer: B) Light art

Who painted the "Sistine Chapel Ceiling" in the Vatican?
A) Vincent van Gogh
B) Leonardo da Vinci
C) Michelangelo
D) Raphael
Answer: C) Michelangelo

What is the technique of applying paint to a canvas using small, distinct dots or points of color to create an image?
A) Impressionism
B) Pointillism
C) Realism
D) Abstract Expressionism
Answer: B) Pointillism

Which famous composer is known for his "Moonlight Sonata"?
A) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
B) Ludwig van Beethoven
C) Johann Sebastian Bach
D) Frédéric Chopin
Answer: B) Ludwig van Beethoven

Who wrote the play "Romeo and Juliet"?
A) William Shakespeare
B) Charles Dickens
C) Jane Austen
D) F. Scott Fitzgerald
Answer: A) William Shakespeare

What is the art of arranging type and visual elements in a way that communicates a message or idea?
A) Sculpture
B) Typography
C) Calligraphy
D) Photography
Answer: B) Typography

What type of dance is characterized by a series of graceful and flowing movements, often performed by a solo dancer?
A) Ballet
B) Hip-hop
C) Breakdancing
D) Flamenco
Answer: A) Ballet

Which famous artist is known for her iconic paintings of flowers, such as "Jimson Weed"?
A) Frida Kahlo
B) Georgia O'Keeffe
C) Mary Cassatt
D) Joan Miró
Answer: B) Georgia O'Keeffe


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