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HPE WAEC past questions and answers

HPE WAEC past questions and answers

Question: What does HPE stand for?

a) High Performance Engine
b) Hewlett Packard Enterprise
c) Hybrid Power Efficiency
d) Home Product Environment

Answer: b) Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Question: Which HPE product is known for its enterprise servers and data storage solutions?

a) ProBook
b) Pavilion
c) ProLiant
d) EliteBook

Answer: c) ProLiant

Question: In the context of HPE networking, what does the acronym SDN stand for?

a) Secure Data Network
b) Software Defined Networking
c) System Deployment Nexus
d) Storage Device Node

Answer: b) Software Defined Networking

Question: HPE OneView is a management platform primarily designed for what purpose?

a) Project Planning
b) IT Infrastructure Management
c) Graphic Design
d) Social Media Integration

Answer: b) IT Infrastructure Management

Question: Which HPE storage solution is designed for scalability and supports both file and object storage?

a) HPE 3PAR StoreServ
b) HPE Nimble Storage
c) HPE StoreOnce
d) HPE Scality RING

Answer: d) HPE Scality RING

Question: What is the purpose of HPE GreenLake?

a) Environmental Conservation Program
b) Cloud Services Consumption
c) Gaming Console
d) Solar Power Generation

Answer: b) Cloud Services Consumption

Question: Which HPE technology focuses on enhancing memory-centric workloads and is commonly used in high-performance computing?

a) HPE Synergy
b) HPE Apollo
c) HPE Edgeline
d) HPE Superdome Flex

Answer: d) HPE Superdome Flex

Question: What is the primary benefit of HPE Moonshot?

a) High-Performance Gaming
b) Energy-Efficient Computing
c) Virtual Reality Integration
d) Graphic Design Acceleration

Answer: b) Energy-Efficient Computing

Question: HPE Aruba specializes in which technology domain?

a) Augmented Reality
b) Networking Solutions
c) Virtualization
d) Artificial Intelligence

Answer: b) Networking Solutions

Question: Which HPE service provides AI-driven operations for hybrid cloud management?

a) HPE GreenLake
b) HPE Pointnext
c) HPE InfoSight
d) HPE Synergy

Answer: c) HPE InfoSight

Question: What is the HPE technology that enables composable infrastructure, allowing resources to be fluidly allocated and managed?

a) HPE SimpliVity
b) HPE Synergy
c) HPE Nimble Storage
d) HPE Primera

Answer: b) HPE Synergy

Question: HPE InfoSight uses AI to predict and prevent issues in which type of infrastructure?

a) Networking
b) Storage
c) Servers
d) Security

Answer: b) Storage

Question: Which HPE server family is designed for edge computing and IoT applications?

a) HPE ProLiant DL
b) HPE Superdome Flex
c) HPE Edgeline
d) HPE Integrity

Answer: c) HPE Edgeline

Question: HPE Pointnext provides services related to what aspect of IT?

a) Hardware Manufacturing
b) IT Consulting and Support
c) Software Development
d) Cloud Security

Answer: b) IT Consulting and Support

Question: What is the purpose of HPE Ezmeral?

a) Virtual Reality Gaming
b) Edge Computing Solutions
c) Containerization and Analytics
d) Renewable Energy Technologies

Answer: c) Containerization and Analytics

Question: Which HPE solution focuses on hyper-converged infrastructure, combining compute, storage, and networking in a single appliance?

a) HPE Nimble Storage
b) HPE SimpliVity
c) HPE 3PAR StoreServ
d) HPE Primera

Answer: b) HPE SimpliVity

Question: What is the primary function of HPE Primera?

a) High-Performance Computing
b) Enterprise Storage
c) Network Security
d) Cloud Orchestration

Answer: b) Enterprise Storage

Question: HPE Synergy is known for providing what type of infrastructure?

a) Composable Infrastructure
b) Virtual Reality Infrastructure
c) Quantum Computing Infrastructure
d) Edge Computing Infrastructure

Answer: a) Composable Infrastructure

Question: HPE Integrity servers are often used for which type of computing workloads?

a) Web Hosting
b) Mission-Critical Enterprise Applications
c) Mobile App Development
d) Game Development

Answer: b) Mission-Critical Enterprise Applications

Question: Which HPE storage solution is focused on backup and recovery, with deduplication capabilities?

a) HPE Nimble Storage
b) HPE 3PAR StoreServ
c) HPE StoreOnce
d) HPE Scality RING

Answer: c) HPE StoreOnce


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