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History NECO past questions and answers

History NECO past questions and answers

Question: Who was Nigeria's first female Head of State?
A) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
B) Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti
C) Hajiya Gambo Sawaba
D) Aguiyi Ironsi
Answer: D) Aguiyi Ironsi
Question: Nigeria's largest ethnic group, the Hausa-Fulani, primarily resides in which geographical region?
A) South
B) North
C) West
D) East
Answer: B) North
Question: In what year did Nigeria become a federal republic?
A) 1954
B) 1963
C) 1979
D) 1999
Answer: C) 1979
Question: Which Nigerian city was the capital of the secessionist state of Biafra during the civil war?
A) Enugu
B) Port Harcourt
C) Aba
D) Owerri
Answer: A) Enugu
Question: Nigeria's national anthem, "Arise, O Compatriots," was adopted in which year?
A) 1960
B) 1978
C) 1990
D) 2000
Answer: B) 1978
Question: Which Nigerian political leader was assassinated in 1996, leading to political turmoil?
A) Sani Abacha
B) Murtala Muhammed
C) Dele Giwa
D) Shehu Shagari
Answer: C) Dele Giwa
Question: Nigeria's economy is heavily dependent on which natural resource?
A) Gold
B) Cocoa
C) Oil
D) Uranium
Answer: C) Oil
Question: Who is known as the "Father of Nigerian Literature" for his novel "Things Fall Apart"?
A) Wole Soyinka
B) Chinua Achebe
C) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
D) Buchi Emecheta
Answer: B) Chinua Achebe
Question: Nigeria's three major ethnic groups (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) are collectively referred to as:
A) Tri-tribes
B) Big Three
C) Major Ethnics
D) Tropics
Answer: B) Big Three
Question: The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sukur Cultural Landscape, is located in which Nigerian state?

A) Cross River
B) Adamawa
C) Ekiti
D) Kwara
Answer: B) Adamawa
Question: Which Nigerian leader introduced the "Green Revolution" agricultural program in the 1970s?

A) Yakubu Gowon
B) Olusegun Obasanjo
C) Ibrahim Babangida
D) Murtala Muhammed
Answer: A) Yakubu Gowon
Question: The city of Calabar served as the capital of which historical administrative region?

A) Eastern Region
B) Western Region
C) Mid-Western Region
D) Northern Region
Answer: A) Eastern Region
Question: Nigeria's longest river, after which the country is named, is the:

A) Benue River
B) Niger River
C) Osun River
D) Ogun River
Answer: B) Niger River
Question: Which Nigerian state is known as the "Centre of Commerce"?

A) Kano
B) Lagos
C) Abia
D) Ogun
Answer: A) Kano
Question: The national flag of Nigeria consists of three vertical stripes of green, white, and green. What does the green color represent?

A) Agriculture
B) Unity
C) Oil wealth
D) Savannah vegetation
Answer: D) Savannah vegetation
Question: Nigeria became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations in which year?

A) 1953
B) 1960
C) 1971
D) 1980
Answer: A) 1960
Question: The city of Ibadan is known for hosting the oldest university in Nigeria. What is the name of this university?

A) Ahmadu Bello University
B) University of Lagos
C) University of Ibadan
D) Obafemi Awolowo University
Answer: C) University of Ibadan
Question: Nigeria's first census after independence was conducted in which year?

A) 1962
B) 1973
C) 1988
D) 2006
Answer: A) 1962
Question: Who was the first Nigerian to win an individual Olympic gold medal?

A) Chioma Ajunwa
B) Blessing Okagbare
C) Kanu Nwankwo
D) Samuel Peters
Answer: A) Chioma Ajunwa
Question: The Nigerian Civil Service Commission was established in which year?

A) 1954
B) 1960
C) 1975
D) 1992
Answer: A) 1954


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