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Government NECO past questions and answers

Government NECO past questions and answers

Which of the following is not a branch of the U.S. government?

A) Executive
B) Legislative
C) Judicial
D) Regulatory
Answer: D) Regulatory
What is the role of the Attorney General in the U.S. government?

A) Chief Justice
B) Head of the Senate
C) Chief law enforcement officer
D) Secretary of Defense
Answer: C) Chief law enforcement officer
In a presidential system, who is the head of state and head of government?

A) Prime Minister
B) President
C) Monarch
D) Speaker of the House
Answer: B) President
Which international organization aims to promote economic cooperation among member countries?

B) WTO (World Trade Organization)
C) WHO (World Health Organization)
Answer: B) WTO (World Trade Organization)
What is the purpose of the census conducted by the U.S. government?

A) Determine the unemployment rate
B) Count the population and gather demographic information
C) Assess income tax levels
D) Monitor climate change
Answer: B) Count the population and gather demographic information
Which body has the power to confirm or reject presidential nominations for key positions?

A) Senate
B) House of Representatives
C) Supreme Court
D) Cabinet
Answer: A) Senate
In the United Kingdom, what is the upper house of Parliament called?

A) House of Commons
B) House of Lords
C) House of Representatives
D) National Assembly
Answer: B) House of Lords
What is the primary role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the U.S.?

A) Environmental conservation
B) Disaster response and relief
C) Space exploration
D) Border security
Answer: B) Disaster response and relief
Which U.S. document begins with the words "We the People"?

A) Bill of Rights
B) Declaration of Independence
C) Constitution
D) Emancipation Proclamation
Answer: C) Constitution
Who is the current Secretary-General of the United Nations?

A) Angela Merkel
B) Xi Jinping
C) Antonio Guterres
D) Emmanuel Macron
Answer: C) Antonio Guterres
What is the primary function of the U.S. Department of State?

A) Education
B) Foreign affairs and diplomacy
C) Healthcare
D) Transportation
Answer: B) Foreign affairs and diplomacy
In the U.S. government, what does the acronym CIA stand for?

A) Central Intelligence Agency
B) Central Investigation Authority
C) Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
D) Central International Alliance
Answer: A) Central Intelligence Agency
Which amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms?

A) Second Amendment
B) Fourth Amendment
C) Sixth Amendment
D) Eighth Amendment
Answer: A) Second Amendment
What is the role of the Prime Minister in a parliamentary system?

A) Head of state
B) Head of government
C) Chief Justice
D) Commander-in-chief
Answer: B) Head of government
Who is the head of state in Australia?

A) Prime Minister
B) Governor-General
C) Queen
D) President
Answer: B) Governor-General
Which U.S. government agency is responsible for environmental protection?

A) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
B) FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
C) CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
D) NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Answer: A) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
What is the term length for a U.S. Senator?

A) 2 years
B) 4 years
C) 6 years
D) 8 years
Answer: C) 6 years
Which court is the highest appellate court in the United States?

A) District Court
B) Circuit Court
C) Supreme Court
D) Superior Court
Answer: C) Supreme Court
What is the role of the World Health Organization (WHO)?

A) Economic development
B) Human rights protection
C) Environmental regulation
D) Public health coordination
Answer: D) Public health coordination
In the U.S. government, what does the acronym IRS stand for?

A) Internal Revenue Service
B) International Regulatory System
C) Investigative Reporting Service
D) Industrial Reform Society
Answer: A) Internal Revenue Service


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