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English language mock exam questions and answers for Jss3

English language mock exam questions and answers for Jss3

Here are 20 English mock questions for Junior Secondary School 3 (JSS3) along with options and answers:

Which of the following is a synonym for "abundant"?
a) Scarce
b) Plentiful
c) Rare
d) Empty
Answer: b) Plentiful

What is the plural form of "child"?
a) Childrens
b) Childs
c) Childen
d) Children
Answer: d) Children

Identify the correct sentence:
a) She are going to the store.
b) They is playing in the park.
c) He am studying for the exam.
d) We are swimming in the pool.
Answer: d) We are swimming in the pool.

Choose the correct homophone for "their":
a) There
b) They're
c) Thier
d) Theire
Answer: a) There

What is the opposite of "victory"?
a) Success
b) Defeat
c) Achievement
d) Triumph
Answer: b) Defeat

Which part of speech is the word "quickly"?
a) Noun
b) Verb
c) Adjective
d) Adverb
Answer: d) Adverb

In the sentence "She baked a delicious cake," what is the predicate?
a) She baked
b) A delicious cake
c) She baked a
d) Delicious
Answer: a) She baked

What is the superlative form of "good"?
a) Gooder
b) Goodly
c) Better
d) Best
Answer: d) Best

Choose the correct conjunction to complete the sentence: "She wanted to go to the party, _____ she couldn't find a ride."
a) So
b) But
c) Or
d) If
Answer: a) So

Which of the following is an example of a simile?
a) The sun is a golden ball.
b) She runs as fast as a cheetah.
c) The sky is blue.
d) The waves whispered on the shore.
Answer: b) She runs as fast as a cheetah.

What is the plural of "tomato"?
a) Tomatos
b) Tomatoes
c) Tomatoses
d) Tomatoes
Answer: b) Tomatoes

Identify the correct possessive form of "cat" in the sentence: "The cat's tail is fluffy."
a) Cats'
b) Cat's
c) Cats
d) Cat
Answer: b) Cat's

Choose the synonym for "angry":
a) Happy
b) Sad
c) Furious
d) Confused
Answer: c) Furious

What is the antonym of "brave"?
a) Cowardly
b) Fearless
c) Strong
d) Timid
Answer: a) Cowardly

Which word is a pronoun in the sentence: "She is going to the park"?
a) Going
b) She
c) The
d) Park
Answer: b) She

Identify the plural form of "ox":
a) Oxen
b) Oxes
c) Oxies
d) Oxen's
Answer: a) Oxen

What is the past tense of the verb "eat"?
a) Eated
b) Eat
c) Ate
d) Eaten
Answer: c) Ate

Which of the following is a preposition?
a) Run
b) Quickly
c) Under
d) Happy
Answer: c) Under

Choose the correct spelling of the word meaning "not easily excited":
a) Calm
b) Colm
c) Kalm
d) Calme
Answer: a) Calm

In the sentence "The bird flew over the house," what is the preposition?
a) Bird
b) Flew
c) Over
d) House
Answer: c) Over


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