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Creative arts NABTEB exam past questions and answers

Creative arts NABTEB exam past questions and answers

Here they are;

Question: In which artistic movement did Salvador Dali actively participate?

A) Cubism
B) Surrealism
C) Impressionism
D) Abstract Expressionism
Answer: B) Surrealism
Question: Who is considered the father of modern abstract art?

A) Pablo Picasso
B) Wassily Kandinsky
C) Vincent van Gogh
D) Claude Monet
Answer: B) Wassily Kandinsky
Question: Which color theory suggests that colors opposite each other on the color wheel complement each other?

A) Analogous
B) Monochromatic
C) Complementary
D) Triadic
Answer: C) Complementary
Question: What art movement emerged as a reaction against the commercialization of art in the 1960s?

A) Pop Art
B) Minimalism
C) Abstract Expressionism
D) Dada
Answer: B) Minimalism
Question: Who painted "Starry Night"?

A) Claude Monet
B) Vincent van Gogh
C) Edvard Munch
D) Leonardo da Vinci
Answer: B) Vincent van Gogh
Question: Which architectural style is characterized by its use of pointed arches and ribbed vaults?

A) Baroque
B) Gothic
C) Renaissance
D) Neoclassical
Answer: B) Gothic
Question: Who is known for his use of "readymades" in the art world?

A) Marcel Duchamp
B) Jackson Pollock
C) Andy Warhol
D) Piet Mondrian
Answer: A) Marcel Duchamp
Question: Which artistic technique involves cutting and pasting various materials to create a visual composition?

A) Collage
B) Impasto
C) Sgraffito
D) Encaustic
Answer: A) Collage
Question: Which Renaissance artist is known for his sculptures "David" and "Pieta"?

A) Leonardo da Vinci
B) Michelangelo
C) Raphael
D) Donatello
Answer: B) Michelangelo
Question: Who co-founded the Cubist movement along with Pablo Picasso?

A) Wassily Kandinsky
B) Georges Braque
C) Joan Miró
D) Salvador Dali
Answer: B) Georges Braque
Question: What is the technique of using small, distinct dots to create an image called?

A) Pointillism
B) Fauvism
C) Tenebrism
D) Chiaroscuro
Answer: A) Pointillism
Question: Which art movement focused on conveying emotional experiences through color and brushstrokes?

A) Romanticism
B) Realism
C) Expressionism
D) Baroque
Answer: C) Expressionism
Question: Who is known for his mobile sculptures that move with air currents?

A) Alexander Calder
B) Henry Moore
C) Alberto Giacometti
D) Constantin Brâncuși
Answer: A) Alexander Calder
Question: Which artist is associated with the creation of "The Persistence of Memory" featuring melting clocks?

A) Rene Magritte
B) Salvador Dali
C) Frida Kahlo
D) Georgia O'Keeffe
Answer: B) Salvador Dali
Question: Who is considered a pioneer of modern graffiti art?

A) Jean-Michel Basquiat
B) Banksy
C) Keith Haring
D) Shepard Fairey
Answer: B) Banksy
Question: Which design principle refers to the arrangement of visual elements to create stability and equilibrium in an artwork?

A) Contrast
B) Unity
C) Emphasis
D) Proportion
Answer: B) Unity
Question: Who painted "The Scream"?

A) Edvard Munch
B) Egon Schiele
C) Gustav Klimt
D) Henri Matisse
Answer: A) Edvard Munch
Question: Which art movement emerged in the 1950s and featured large, abstract paintings using bold colors and gestural brushwork?

A) Abstract Expressionism
B) Pop Art
C) Op Art
D) Surrealism
Answer: A) Abstract Expressionism
Question: Who is known for his iconic "Campbell's Soup Cans" artwork?

A) Andy Warhol
B) Roy Lichtenstein
C) Jasper Johns
D) Robert Rauschenberg
Answer: A) Andy Warhol
Question: In which country did the Renaissance originate?

A) France
B) Italy
C) Spain
D) Germany
Answer: B) Italy


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