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Computer science NECO exam past questions and answers

Computer science NECO exam past questions and answers

What does CPU stand for?

A) Central Processing Unit
B) Computer Processing Unit
C) Central Processor Unit
D) Central Program Unit
Answer: A
Which data structure follows the Last In, First Out (LIFO) principle?

A) Queue
B) Stack
C) Linked List
D) Array
Answer: B
What is the purpose of an operating system?

A) Run applications
B) Manage hardware resources
C) Both A and B
D) Neither A nor B
Answer: C
What is the binary representation of the decimal number 25?

A) 11001
B) 11101
C) 10011
D) 11010
Answer: C
In object-oriented programming, what is encapsulation?

A) Data hiding
B) Inheritance
C) Polymorphism
D) Abstraction
Answer: A
Which sorting algorithm has the best average time complexity?

A) Bubble Sort
B) Insertion Sort
C) Quick Sort
D) Merge Sort
Answer: D
What is the purpose of DNS in computer networks?

A) Dynamic Network Services
B) Domain Name System
C) Data Naming Service
D) Digital Naming System
Answer: B
Which programming language is known for its simplicity and readability?

A) C++
B) Java
C) Python
D) Ruby
Answer: C
What does HTML stand for in web development?

A) HyperText Markup Language
B) Hyper Transfer Markup Language
C) High-Level Text Markup Language
D) Hyperlink and Text Markup Language
Answer: A
What is a binary search?

A) Searching a sorted array by repeatedly dividing the search interval in half
B) Searching a sorted array by checking each element one by one
C) Searching an unsorted array using a pivot element
D) Searching an array using multiple threads simultaneously
Answer: A
What is the purpose of a firewall in network security?

A) Monitor internet speed
B) Restrict unauthorized access
C) Increase download speed
D) Block spam emails
Answer: B
What is a compiler in programming?

A) Software that converts high-level code to machine code
B) Software that finds and fixes bugs in code
C) Software that translates code into a different programming language
D) Software that optimizes code for better performance
Answer: A
Which data structure is used for quickly finding a record in a database?

A) Stack
B) Queue
C) Hash Table
D) Binary Tree
Answer: C
What is SQL used for in the context of databases?

A) Style Query Language
B) System Query Language
C) Structured Query Language
D) Simple Query Language
Answer: C
What is the primary function of an array in programming?

A) Store data of different types
B) Perform mathematical operations
C) Store a collection of elements of the same type
D) Execute conditional statements
Answer: C
What is the purpose of a function in programming?

A) Store data
B) Perform a specific task
C) Create loops
D) Print output
Answer: B
Which networking protocol is used to retrieve emails from a mail server?

Answer: B
What is the main advantage of using version control in software development?

A) Improved code performance
B) Collaboration and history tracking
C) Enhanced user interface
D) Faster compilation times
Answer: B
What is a DNS spoofing attack?

A) Unauthorized access to a database
B) Manipulating the domain name resolution process
C) Overloading a server with requests
D) Creating a fake website
Answer: B
Which type of programming paradigm treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids changing-state and mutable data?

A) Procedural programming
B) Object-oriented programming
C) Functional programming
D) Logical programming
Answer: C


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