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Auto mechanic waec past questions and answers

Auto mechanic waec past questions and answers

What does ABS stand for?

A) Automatic Brake System
B) Anti-lock Braking System
C) Accelerated Braking System
Answer: B) Anti-lock Braking System
Which component is responsible for igniting the fuel-air mixture in the engine?

A) Alternator
B) Spark Plug
C) Carburetor
Answer: B) Spark Plug
What does the "Check Engine" light typically indicate?

A) Low Fuel
B) Engine Overheating
C) Issues with Engine Systems
Answer: C) Issues with Engine Systems
Which part converts the reciprocating motion of the engine's pistons into rotational motion?

A) Crankshaft
B) Camshaft
C) Timing Belt
Answer: A) Crankshaft
What could cause a car to pull to one side while driving?

A) Uneven tire pressure
B) Misaligned wheels
C) Low engine oil
Answer: B) Misaligned wheels
What is the purpose of a catalytic converter in a vehicle?

A) Improve fuel efficiency
B) Reduce emissions
C) Increase engine power
Answer: B) Reduce emissions
Which fluid is used in the braking system to transmit pressure to the brakes?

A) Engine oil
B) Brake fluid
C) Transmission fluid
Answer: B) Brake fluid
What does RPM stand for?

A) Revolutions Per Mile
B) Rotations Per Minute
C) Revolutions Per Minute
Answer: C) Revolutions Per Minute
Which component regulates the temperature of the engine?

A) Radiator
B) Thermostat
C) Water pump
Answer: B) Thermostat
What can cause a grinding noise when applying the brakes?

A) Low tire pressure
B) Worn brake pads
C) Overfilled engine oil
Answer: B) Worn brake pads
Which part of the exhaust system dampens engine noise?

A) Muffler
B) Catalytic Converter
C) Tailpipe
Answer: A) Muffler
What might be the cause if a car's engine overheats?

A) Low coolant level
B) Exhaust leak
C) Dirty air filter
Answer: A) Low coolant level
Which system is responsible for supplying electrical power while the engine is running?

A) Battery
B) Alternator
C) Starter Motor
Answer: B) Alternator
What could be the cause of blue smoke coming from the exhaust?

A) Overheating engine
B) Burning oil
C) Clogged air filter
**Answer: B) Burning


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