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Animal husbandry NABTEB past questions and answers

Animal husbandry NABTEB past questions and answers

What is the gestation period of a cow?
a) 9 months
b) 12 months
c) 6 months
d) 3 months
Answer: b) 12 months

Which vitamin is crucial for preventing rickets in poultry?
a) Vitamin A
b) Vitamin D
c) Vitamin C
d) Vitamin E
Answer: b) Vitamin D

What is the primary purpose of castrating male livestock?
a) Increase fertility
b) Improve meat quality
c) Enhance milk production
d) Control aggression
Answer: b) Improve meat quality

Which of the following is a monogastric animal?
a) Cow
b) Sheep
c) Chicken
d) Horse
Answer: c) Chicken

What is the common method of identifying individual cattle?
a) Ear tagging
b) Tail docking
c) Dewclaw removal
d) Horn trimming
Answer: a) Ear tagging

In poultry farming, what does the term "brooding" refer to?
a) Egg collection
b) Raising chicks
c) Feeding adults
d) Vaccination
Answer: b) Raising chicks

Which nutrient is essential for the formation of eggshells in laying hens?
a) Protein
b) Calcium
c) Iron
d) Vitamin C
Answer: b) Calcium

What is the purpose of shearing in sheep farming?
a) Control parasites
b) Increase wool production
c) Improve meat quality
d) Enhance milk yield
Answer: b) Increase wool production

Which disease is caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B1 in poultry?
a) Avian influenza
b) Coccidiosis
c) Beriberi
d) Fowl pox
Answer: c) Beriberi

What is the term for the process of giving birth in livestock?
a) Farrowing
b) Calving
c) Kidding
d) Lambing
Answer: b) Calving

What is the primary function of the rumen in ruminant animals?
a) Storing urine
b) Breaking down cellulose
c) Reproduction
d) Regulating body temperature
Answer: b) Breaking down cellulose

Which of the following is a zoonotic disease that can be transmitted from cattle to humans?
a) Foot and mouth disease
b) Brucellosis
c) Anthrax
d) Newcastle disease
Answer: b) Brucellosis

What is the purpose of dehorning in cattle?
a) Enhance aesthetics
b) Prevent injuries
c) Improve hearing
d) Increase milk production
Answer: b) Prevent injuries

Which breed of chicken is known for its high egg-laying capacity?
a) Rhode Island Red
b) Plymouth Rock
c) Leghorn
d) Sussex
Answer: c) Leghorn

What is the average lifespan of a horse?
a) 5-10 years
b) 15-20 years
c) 25-30 years
d) 35-40 years
Answer: b) 15-20 years

What is the primary source of vitamin D for cattle?
a) Sunlight
b) Hay
c) Fish oil
d) Grains
Answer: a) Sunlight

Which factor is essential for proper egg incubation in poultry?
a) Low humidity
b) High temperature
c) Regular turning of eggs
d) Dim lighting
Answer: c) Regular turning of eggs

What is the primary function of the beak in birds?
a) Defense
b) Feeding
c) Communication
d) Locomotion
Answer: b) Feeding

What is the purpose of dipping sheep?
a) Flea control
b) Wool dyeing
c) Temperature regulation
d) Hoof trimming
Answer: a) Flea control

Which of the following is a grazing animal?
a) Rabbit
b) Goat
c) Guinea pig
d) Hamster
Answer: b) Goat


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