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Agricultural science jamb past questions and answers

Agricultural science jamb past questions and answers

Question: What is the term for the process of converting agricultural waste or organic matter into valuable compost for soil enrichment?

a) Incineration
b) Composting
c) Anaerobic digestion
d) Biomass conversion
Answer: b) Composting
Question: Which of the following is a method of pest control that involves introducing natural predators to control the population of harmful pests?

a) Pesticide spraying
b) Biological control
c) Crop rotation
d) Fumigation
Answer: b) Biological control
Question: What is the primary purpose of adding lime to soil in agriculture?

a) Weed suppression
b) pH adjustment
c) Nitrogen fixation
d) Water retention
Answer: b) pH adjustment
Question: Which type of farming involves the cultivation of aquatic organisms such as fish and shrimp?

a) Aquaponics
b) Hydroponics
c) Mariculture
d) Apiculture
Answer: c) Mariculture
Question: In sustainable agriculture, what is the practice of growing different crops in the same area in sequential seasons to enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services?

a) No-till farming
b) Polyculture
c) Agroforestry
d) Alley cropping
Answer: b) Polyculture
Question: What is the term for the protective covering placed on the soil surface to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate temperature?

a) Tilling
b) Mulching
c) Fertilizing
d) Irrigating
Answer: b) Mulching
Question: Which of the following is a method of water conservation in agriculture that involves capturing and storing rainwater for later use?

a) Drip irrigation
b) Flood irrigation
c) Rainwater harvesting
d) Subsurface irrigation
Answer: c) Rainwater harvesting
Question: What is the term for the cultivation of crops without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers?

a) Conventional farming
b) Organic farming
c) Precision farming
d) Hydroponic farming
Answer: b) Organic farming
Question: Which of the following is a method of soil conservation that involves plowing along the contour lines of the land?

a) Contour plowing
b) Strip cropping
c) Terracing
d) Windbreaks
Answer: a) Contour plowing
Question: What is the role of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil?

a) Decomposition
b) Nitrogen fixation
c) Photosynthesis
d) Transpiration
Answer: b) Nitrogen fixation
Question: Which agricultural practice involves the deliberate alteration of an organism's genetic material to introduce desirable traits?

a) Selective breeding
b) Organic farming
c) Genetic modification
d) No-till farming
Answer: c) Genetic modification
Question: What is the term for the removal of excess water from the soil to improve aeration and prevent waterlogging?

a) Irrigation
b) Drainage
c) Subsoiling
d) Plowing
Answer: b) Drainage
Question: Which of the following is a disease that commonly affects plants and is caused by various types of fungi?

a) Malaria
b) Anthrax
c) Rust
d) Tuberculosis
Answer: c) Rust
Question: What is the process of transferring pollen from one plant to a genetically different plant called?

a) Cross-pollination
b) Self-pollination
c) Wind pollination
d) Insect pollination
Answer: a) Cross-pollination
Question: In agroecology, what is the term for the integration of trees and shrubs into agricultural landscapes to enhance ecological sustainability?

a) Monoculture
b) Silvopasture
c) Polyculture
d) Agroforestry
Answer: d) Agroforestry
Question: Which of the following is a method of controlling soil erosion that involves planting vegetation along the contours of the land?

a) Terracing
b) Cover cropping
c) Windbreaks
d) Strip cropping
Answer: c) Windbreaks
Question: What is the primary function of nitrogen in plant growth and development?

a) Enhancing water absorption
b) Facilitating photosynthesis
c) Improving root structure
d) Promoting leaf coloration
Answer: b) Facilitating photosynthesis
Question: Which of the following is a method of weed control that involves the use of physical barriers to prevent weed growth?

a) Herbicide application
b) Mulching
c) Tilling
d) Plastic mulching
Answer: d) Plastic mulching
Question: What is the term for the process of selectively breeding animals for specific traits to enhance desirable characteristics?

a) Genetic modification
b) Artificial selection
c) Natural selection
d) Hybridization
Answer: b) Artificial selection
Question: Which of the following is a practice that involves raising fish and plants together in a symbiotic environment, utilizing nutrient-rich water from the fish for plant growth?

a) Aquaculture
b) Hydroponics
c) Aquaponics
d) Mariculture
Answer: c) Aquaponics


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