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Zenith Bank Jobs Past Questions And Answers

Zenith Bank Jobs Past Questions And Answers

Zenith Bank Jobs Past Questions And Answers

This article contains questions about Zenith Bank along with their options and the correct answers:

When was Zenith Bank established?

a) 1989
b) 1993
c) 2001
d) 2005
Answer: b) 1993

Which country is the headquarters of Zenith Bank located in?

a) Nigeria
b) South Africa
c) Ghana
d) Kenya
Answer: a) Nigeria

Who is the current Group Managing Director/CEO of Zenith Bank?

a) Jim Ovia
b) Peter Amangbo
c) Ebenezer Onyeagwu
d) Tony Elumelu
Answer: c) Ebenezer Onyeagwu

In which stock exchange is Zenith Bank listed?

a) New York Stock Exchange
b) London Stock Exchange
c) Nigerian Stock Exchange
d) Tokyo Stock Exchange
Answer: c) Nigerian Stock Exchange

What is the tagline of Zenith Bank?

a) "In your best interest"
b) "Banking for the future"
c) "Building a better tomorrow"
d) "Serving you with excellence"
Answer: a) "In your best interest"

Zenith Bank operates in how many countries?

a) 2
b) 6
c) 10
d) 15
Answer: b) 6

Which of the following is not a subsidiary of Zenith Bank?

a) Zenith Insurance
b) Zenith Securities
c) Zenith Capital
d) Zenith Telecom
Answer: d) Zenith Telecom

How many branches does Zenith Bank have in Nigeria?

a) Over 100
b) Over 200
c) Over 300
d) Over 400
Answer: c) Over 300

Which financial institution is the largest shareholder in Zenith Bank?

a) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
b) African Development Bank (AfDB)
c) Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
d) World Bank
Answer: c) Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

What is the highest tier of Zenith Bank's account types?

a) Platinum Plus
b) Gold
c) Diamond
d) Titanium
Answer: c) Diamond

Which year did Zenith Bank become a public limited company?

a) 1990
b) 1993
c) 1998
d) 2000
Answer: c) 1998

Which of the following services does Zenith Bank not offer?

a) Personal loans
b) Investment banking
c) Mortgage loans
d) Airline operations
Answer: d) Airline operations

What is the name of Zenith Bank's mobile banking platform?

a) ZenMobile
b) Zenith Mobile
c) Zenith Direct
d) *966# EazyBanking
Answer: d) *966# EazyBanking

Zenith Bank is known for its sponsorship of which sports event?

a) FIFA World Cup
b) Olympic Games
c) UEFA Champions League
d) Wimbledon Tennis Championship
Answer: c) UEFA Champions League

Which of the following is not a core value of Zenith Bank?

a) Professionalism
b) Integrity
c) Innovation
d) Customer-centricity
Answer: a) Professionalism

What is the minimum age requirement to open an account with Zenith Bank?

a) 16 years
b) 18 years
c) 21 years
d) 25 years
Answer: b) 18 years

Which of the following is not a digital banking platform provided by Zenith Bank?

a) Zenith Direct
b) Zenith Mobile App
c) Zenith Internet Banking
d) Zenith Pay
Answer: d) Zenith Pay

What is the currency of account for Zenith Bank?

a) US Dollar
b) Euro
c) Nigerian Naira
d) British Pound
Answer: c) Nigerian Naira

Which international rating agency has given Zenith Bank a long-term credit rating of A-?

a) Standard & Poor's
b) Moody's Investors Service
c) Fitch Ratings
d) Dominion Bond Rating Service
Answer: b) Moody's Investors Service

What is the current total asset value of Zenith Bank?

a) ₦2.5 trillion
b) ₦5 trillion
c) ₦7.5 trillion
d) ₦10 trillion
Answer: c) ₦7.5 trillion


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