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TRCN past questions and Answer

TRCN past questions and Answer

TRCN past questions and Answer

Here are 25 questions and answers about the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN):

Q1: What is TRCN?

A1: TRCN stands for the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria. It is a regulatory body responsible for the professional registration and licensing of teachers in Nigeria.

Q2: What is the main purpose of TRCN?

A2: The main purpose of TRCN is to ensure professionalism and quality in the teaching profession by regulating the entry, practice, and ethical conduct of teachers in Nigeria.

Q3: How can I register with TRCN?

A3: To register with TRCN, you need to meet the registration requirements, including possessing the necessary qualifications and undergoing the registration process outlined by TRCN.

Q4: What are the benefits of TRCN registration?

A4: TRCN registration provides professional recognition, enhances career progression, and improves job prospects for teachers. It also helps to ensure the quality of education in Nigeria.

Q5: Can non-Nigerian citizens register with TRCN?

A5: Yes, non-Nigerian citizens who meet the registration requirements can register with TRCN.

Q6: What are the registration categories in TRCN?

A6: TRCN has three registration categories: the Graduate Register, the Professional Register, and the Foreign Register.

Q7: What is the Graduate Register?

A7: The Graduate Register is for individuals who have obtained a teaching qualification from a recognized Nigerian institution.

Q8: What is the Professional Register?

A8: The Professional Register is for individuals who have met additional criteria, such as completing a teacher education program and passing the TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE).

Q9: What is the Foreign Register?

A9: The Foreign Register is for teachers who obtained their teaching qualifications from institutions outside Nigeria.

Q10: How often do I need to renew my TRCN registration?

A10: TRCN registration is valid for three years, so you need to renew it every three years to maintain your registration status.

Q11: What is the TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE)?

A11: The TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination is an assessment conducted by TRCN to determine the professional competence of teachers seeking registration in the Professional Register.

Q12: What subjects are covered in the TRCN PQE?

A12: The TRCN PQE covers subjects such as Educational Psychology, Teaching Methods, School Management, and General Education Studies.

Q13: How can I prepare for the TRCN PQE?

A13: You can prepare for the TRCN PQE by studying the recommended textbooks, attending preparation classes, and practicing with past questions.

Q14: Is the TRCN PQE difficult?

A14: The difficulty level of the TRCN PQE may vary depending on an individual's preparation and knowledge. However, with adequate preparation, it is possible to pass the examination.

Q15: Can I teach in Nigeria without TRCN registration?

A15: TRCN registration is mandatory for all teachers in Nigeria. It is illegal to teach in a public or private school without being registered with TRCN.

Q16: How can I verify the authenticity of a teacher's TRCN registration?

A16: You can verify the authenticity of a teacher's TRCN registration by visiting the TRCN website or contacting their office with the teacher's registration number.

Q17: What are the consequences of teaching without TRCN registration?

A17: Teaching without TRCN registration is a violation of the law, and the consequences may include disciplinary action, fines, or even imprisonment.

Q18: Can TRCN revoke a teacher's registration?

A18: Yes, TRCN has the authority to revoke a teacher's registration if they engage in professional misconduct or violate TRCN regulations.

Q19: Does TRCN provide professional development opportunities for registered teachers?

A19: Yes, TRCN provides various professional development programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance the skills and knowledge of registered teachers.

Q20: Can TRCN assist with job placement for registered teachers?

A20: TRCN primarily focuses on the registration and regulation of teachers rather than job placement. However, they may provide guidance and information regarding available teaching opportunities.

Q21: Can TRCN handle complaints against teachers?

A21: Yes, TRCN has a mechanism for handling complaints against registered teachers. They investigate complaints of professional misconduct and take appropriate disciplinary actions when necessary.

Q22: Can TRCN help teachers upgrade their qualifications?

A22: TRCN encourages continuous professional development and offers guidance to teachers on how to upgrade their qualifications through further education and training.

Q23: Is TRCN involved in curriculum development?

A23: While TRCN is primarily responsible for teacher registration and regulation, they may provide input and recommendations in collaboration with other educational bodies regarding curriculum development.

Q24: Can TRCN assist in resolving disputes between teachers and employers?

A24: TRCN's primary role is to regulate the teaching profession. However, they may provide guidance and support to teachers facing employment-related issues, though the resolution of disputes may involve other authorities.

Q25: How can I contact TRCN for further inquiries?

A25: You can contact TRCN through their official website, email, or telephone. Their contact information is available on the TRCN website, which is regularly updated with the latest contact details.


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