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Nigeria Defence Academy Exam Questions and Answers

Nigeria Defence Academy Exam Questions and Answers

Nigeria Defence Academy Exam Questions and Answers

Below are multiple-choice questions related to the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), along with the options and the correct answers for each:

The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) is located in which state?

a) Lagos
b) Kaduna
c) Abuja
d) Enugu
Answer: b) Kaduna

The NDA was established in which year?

a) 1959
b) 1963
c) 1971
d) 1985
Answer: a) 1959

Which rank is the highest in the Nigerian Army?

a) Major
b) General
c) Colonel
d) Captain
Answer: b) General

The NDA offers training for which branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces?

a) Army only
b) Navy only
c) Air Force only
d) All three branches
Answer: d) All three branches

The official motto of the NDA is:

a) "Discipline, Excellence, Professionalism"
b) "Unity and Strength"
c) "Service and Sacrifice"
d) "To Lead, To Overcome"
Answer: a) "Discipline, Excellence, Professionalism"

Which of the following is not a faculty in the NDA?

a) Faculty of Engineering
b) Faculty of Social Sciences
c) Faculty of Medicine
d) Faculty of Military Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
Answer: c) Faculty of Medicine

The NDA is affiliated with which university?

a) Ahmadu Bello University
b) University of Lagos
c) University of Ibadan
d) University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Answer: a) Ahmadu Bello University

The official color(s) of the NDA is/are:

a) Green and white
b) Blue and white
c) Black and gold
d) Red and black
Answer: c) Black and gold

Who is the current Commandant of the NDA?

a) General Tukur Yusuf Buratai
b) General Ibrahim Attahiru
c) General Farouk Yahaya
d) General Lucky Irabor
Answer: c) General Farouk Yahaya

The NDA entrance examination is commonly known as:

Answer: b) NDAEE

The NDA is primarily responsible for training officers for which armed forces branch?

a) Nigerian Army
b) Nigerian Navy
c) Nigerian Air Force
d) Nigerian Police Force
Answer: a) Nigerian Army

The NDA's official flag consists of how many horizontal stripes?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
Answer: b) 2

The NDA's official ceremonial sword is named after which Nigerian city?

a) Lagos
b) Abuja
c) Kaduna
d) Calabar
Answer: c) Kaduna

The official NDA anthem is titled:

a) "Forward Together"
b) "Marching Onward"
c) "We Serve with Pride"
d) "United and Strong"
Answer: a) "Forward Together"

The highest academic qualification offered by the NDA is:

a) Bachelor's degree
b) Master's degree
c) Doctorate degree
d) Postgraduate diploma
Answer: a) Bachelor's degree

The NDA was established primarily to provide:

a) Military training
b) Civilian education
c) Technical skills
d) Vocational training
Answer: a) Military training

The NDA is located on the outskirts of which Nigerian city?

a) Lagos
b) Abuja
c) Kaduna
d) Port Harcourt
Answer: c) Kaduna

The NDA's primary aim is to produce:

a) Officers with leadership qualities
b) Highly skilled engineers
c) Medical doctors for the armed forces
d) Special forces operatives
Answer: a) Officers with leadership qualities

The NDA is governed by a governing body called the:

a) Council of Chiefs
b) Academy Senate
c) Military Council
d) National Defence Board
Answer: b) Academy Senate

The NDA entrance examination is conducted annually in which month?

a) January
b) May
c) June
d) August
Answer: c) June


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