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Delta State Teachers Recruitment Exam Questions and Answers

Delta Teachers Recruitment Exam Questions and Answers

Delta Teachers Recruitment Exam Questions and Answers

Here are Delta State Teachers Recruitment questions along with multiple-choice options and the corresponding answers:

Who is the current Governor of Delta State?

A) Ifeanyi Okowa

B) Ifeanyi Uba

C) Emmanuel Uduaghan

D) Rotimi Amaechi

Answer: A) Ifeanyi Okowa

Which agency is responsible for the recruitment of teachers in Delta State?

A) Delta State Teachers Service Commission (TESCOM)

B) Delta State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB)

C) Delta State Ministry of Education

D) National Teachers' Institute (NTI)

Answer: A) Delta State Teachers Service Commission (TESCOM)

What is the minimum qualification required for teaching positions in Delta State?



C) HND/B.Sc./B.A.

D) M.Ed./Ph.D.

Answer: C) HND/B.Sc./B.A.

Which of the following subjects is not taught at the primary school level in Delta State?

A) English Language

B) Mathematics

C) Basic Science

D) Economics

Answer: D) Economics

How many local government areas are in Delta State?

A) 23

B) 27

C) 30

D) 34

Answer: B) 27

What is the retirement age for teachers in Delta State?

A) 55 years

B) 60 years

C) 65 years

D) 70 years

Answer: C) 65 years

Which of the following documents is required for the recruitment process?

A) Birth certificate

B) International passport

C) Driver's license

D) National Identification Number (NIN)

Answer: D) National Identification Number (NIN)

What is the maximum number of subjects a teacher can specialize in?

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) No limit

Answer: C) 3

Which of the following is not a required teaching skill?

A) Classroom management

B) Lesson planning

C) Computer programming

D) Assessment and evaluation

Answer: C) Computer programming

How often is teacher training conducted in Delta State?

A) Every month

B) Every quarter

C) Annually

D) Once every two years

Answer: B) Every quarter

What is the official language of instruction in Delta State schools?

A) English

B) French

C) Yoruba

D) Igbo

Answer: A) English

Which educational level does the Universal Basic Education (UBE) program cover?

A) Primary and secondary education

B) Tertiary education

C) Adult and non-formal education

D) Vocational education

Answer: A) Primary and secondary education

How many years of teaching experience are required for senior-level teaching positions?

A) 1 year

B) 3 years

C) 5 years

D) 10 years

Answer: C) 5 years

Which of the following is a teacher's responsibility?

A) Maintaining school infrastructure

B) Managing the school's finances

C) Developing lesson plans

D) Enforcing discipline in the community

Answer: C) Developing lesson plans

What is the purpose of the Teachers' Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)?

A) Conducting teacher recruitment exams

B) Certifying and licensing teachers

C) Providing financial assistance to teachers

D) Promoting teacher unions in the country

Answer: B) Certifying and licensing teachers

Which teaching method focuses on student-centered learning?

A) Lecture method

B) Expository method

C) Cooperative learning method

D) Demonstration method

Answer: C) Cooperative learning method

What is the recommended student-teacher ratio in Delta State schools?

A) 30:1

B) 40:1

C) 50:1

D) 60:1

Answer: A) 30:1

Which subject is commonly referred to as the "universal language"?

A) Mathematics

B) Biology

C) History

D) Geography

Answer: A) Mathematics

What is the minimum grade level required to teach at the secondary school level?

A) Grade Level 08

B) Grade Level 10

C) Grade Level 12

D) Grade Level 14

Answer: B) Grade Level 10

How long is the probationary period for newly recruited teachers?

A) 6 months

B) 1 year

C) 2 years

D) 3 years

Answer: B) 1 year.


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