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Basic science scheme of work for jss2 (First, Second, Third Term)

Basic science scheme of work for jss2 (First, Second, Third Term)

Basic science scheme of work for jss2 (First, Second, Third Term)

Here's the basic science scheme of work for Junior Secondary School 2 (JSS2) for the first, second, and third terms, including weekly assessments:

First Term:

Week 1:

• Introduction to Science

• Scientific Method

• Safety in the Science Laboratory

Assessment: Quiz on scientific method and safety precautions.

Week 2:

• Matter and Its Properties

• Classification of Matter

• Physical and Chemical Changes

Assessment: Practical activity on identifying physical and chemical changes

Week 3:

• Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
Separation Techniques

Assessment: Worksheet on separating mixtures

Week 4:

• Force, Motion, and Energy

• Types of Forces

• Measurement of Motion

Assessment: Quiz on forces and motion

Week 5:

• Energy and its Forms

• Conservation of Energy

Assessment: Practical activity on energy transformation

Week 6:

• Introduction to Cells

• Structure and Functions of Cells

Assessment: Diagram labeling exercise on cell structure

Week 7:

• Human Anatomy and Physiology

• Digestive System

• Circulatory System

Assessment: Written test on the digestive and circulatory systems

Week 8:

• Respiration and Breathing

• Respiratory System

Assessment: Worksheet on respiration and breathing

Second Term:

Week 1:

• Ecosystems

• Components of an Ecosystem

• Food Chains and Food Webs

Assessment: Quiz on ecosystems and food chains

Week 2:

• Plant and Animal Adaptations

• Types of Adaptations

Assessment: Presentation on an adaptation of a chosen plant or animal

Week 3:

• The Earth's Structure

• Rocks and Minerals

Assessment: Practical activity on classifying rocks

Week 4:

• Weather and Climate

• Factors Affecting Climate

Assessment: Worksheet on weather and climate

Week 5:

• Reproduction in Plants

• Flower Structure and Pollination

Assessment: Diagram labeling exercise on flower structure

Week 6:

• Reproduction in Animals

• Life Cycles

Assessment: Written test on animal reproduction and life cycles

Week 7:

• Genetics and Heredity

• DNA and Genes

Assessment: Quiz on genetics and heredity

Week 8:

• Water and Its Importance

• Water Cycle

• Water Conservation

Assessment: Poster presentation on water conservation

Third Term:

Week 1:

• Light and Its Properties

• Reflection and Refraction

Assessment: Practical activity on reflection and refraction

Week 2:

• Electricity and Magnetism

• Electric Circuits

Assessment: Worksheet on electric circuits

Week 3:

• Sound and Its Characteristics

• Production and Transmission of Sound

Assessment: Quiz on sound and its properties

Week 4:

• Health and Hygiene

• Personal and Environmental Hygiene

Assessment: Oral presentation on the importance of personal hygiene

Week 5:

• Drug Abuse and Addiction

• Effects of Drug Abuse

Assessment: Written test on drug abuse and its consequences

Week 6:

• Agriculture and Farming

• Importance of Agriculture

Assessment: Research project on a specific agricultural practice

Week 7:

• Conservation of Natural Resources

• Sustainable Development

Assessment: Presentation on a conservation project

Week 8:

• Review and Revision

• Comprehensive Assessment

Assessment: Final examination covering all topics


This basic science scheme of work for jss2 First, Second, and Third Terms is meant to serve as an online resource for students and teachers and should be held as one.


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